Ssh… I’m sleeping!


[Note: I just opened up my set of watercolours to realize it didn’t come with a brush. *sigh*]

Hello. Like hello. That’s all I got to kickstart this post. *writing skills* So I’ve had a great week filled with a lot of Bollywood movies that have left me feeling ‘thodasa filmy’. So whilst my friends pleaded me to end this phase of ‘filmy’ me, I’m just loving it. Today I’m writing on the best ways to fall asleep. The bartender who call’s himself Jamie Lannister (Incest freak) suggested I write about sleeping without alcohol, but I overthought the entire thing whilst having my biscuits and tea at the bar and the little writings below is what I’ve gathered. This post would have been up much earlier if it wasn’t for the T-Rex.

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The Honest Toast


Ever think about how the music you listen to defines your very being. I just shot down some tequila at the request of my roommate and I’m letting it do all the typing.

I’ve not been fine for a while now. The following sheds a little light on that.

I’ve spent the past 6 months over thinking my posts a bit too much cause starting this year, I let the majority of my friends and family know that I write every now and then. Halfway into the year and I decide to talk about it now. *Priorities* Anyway I grew really conscious whilst typing out new posts and I deleted some entirely. Reason which are stated below. This blog has never been private, I never intended it to be. However I recently felt quite naked knowing that my family/friends have read my really old posts. You know the immature ones with little to no editing at all. Continue reading

The day I lost wandering


{Beware: A lot of selfies}

Hello there, I just found a whole new set of editing features in my tool bar. I’ve always been bugged by the absence of any text justification, and well, I can’t describe the satisfaction of finally having it all aligned. It’s like finding new stationary. It’s going to take a while to get over it. Look at these coloured fonts! Aside from that, in my weekly update, I attended a dessert pop up that was truly disappointing. The upside was meeting up with two friends who managed to make it. My previous post covered the disappointment that all of us felt regarding the event.


Former roomie who loves miley. Might. I’m not sure.

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To Kill an Obsession


{Sleep deprived}

I haven’t slept in the past 24 hours now, not that I’m up to any good. That’s my roomie in the picture and that’s either the hand of glory else a chicken foot impersonation. I had utterly done nothing substantial and just called it a dull day. An episode or two of friends, and I was ready to sleep cause well I almost dozed off midway through eating my rice. I made my bed all comfy, closed the kitchen and soaked some beans to be cooked for today’s lunch. Tardy tasks I tell you and midway through shutting my tabs I receive a message from the T-rex regarding the different storylines attributed to the Joker and Batman. It spurred me a bit, as I kept enforcing him to watch else read ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ since he’s begun taking a deeper interest into comic books (Batman specifically) and well I believe if you’re getting into something, you might as well go deep into it (Don’t! Nasty). Continue reading

The Bake-it list


I spent the past two days planning the next two weeks. Don’t know how much I’ll get done, but till then everything looks splendid I must say. I’ve got a short break before I eventually kick start working again, so in that time I’ve decided to *drumroll* bake myself out of boredome. What? that was drumroll worthy. Hit a slight glitch with that though, I’m out of ingredients, say what? Yeah, I come back home from Hogwarts with a light wallet to find an empty pantry. Probably what Greek citizens felt like returning back home. Quite serious, isn’t it, though the T-rex (oddly funny friend) believes that it’s what the world is talking about, hence I should write about it. Tardy task, since I don’t really go deep into any political/economical drama in the real world. I had a tough time following ‘House of Cards’,  the technical talk always went over my head, as long as I understood the big picture, it was all fine. Thank Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey for their charisma, else I’d have bunked on the show on the first episode.

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A Matter of space: My hand or her boob?


The second tale:

It’s about a number of instances where this female coworker would constantly brush herself all up in my personal space. I’m an expressive person, at-least I think I am and my hands fling about. I remember a year ago when my entire class was called on stage for a final dance, I had to get my “groove” on! I had fun but I did injure a lot of friends in the process. So coming back, the first instance it was really an accident wherein my hand flicked what was definitely not a fruit, and obviously everyone in the room saw it cause they had no lives of their own.

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The Stupid Post


[NOTE: A very sleep deprived post.]

I am having a lazy day, however laughter counts as a work out, so I’m not that lazy after all. I get to be irresponsible every now and then, right? The answer better be ‘yes’, else you’ll need to sit yourself down to hear that you are an uptight arrogant nuisance to everyone around you.  Ever waited for someone? Wanting them to be there, expecting things that seem reasonable? Continue reading

Weighing Principles


That post on Champagne is still on a hold. Today’s post, I guess is going to be around some principles I go by while cooking.  Such as the elimination of weighing  ingredients, something I did during the Nestle Professionals Challenge. I find it quite a nuisance to be posting this, it’s horrendous, but I’m not giving out philosophy, I’m just stating out the principles I work around. I’m sure some might connect and others will sit in judgement. But then again, it’s what nobody does.

Yeah, we name it eggs stupefied. - Team Stupefy.

Yeah, we named it eggs stupefied. – Team Stupefy.

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It’s been two fascinating weeks, but unscheduled activities sort of pulled my attention away. No harm though. I had a brilliant champagne tasting, followed by a fabulous champagne and food pairing. That’s all scheduled to be posted for later though [ulterior motives].

The Nestle Professionals challenge was to take place, and thank heavens that I received Nestles coconut milk powder as my ingredient. The latter was to use Indian gravy mixes that weren’t totally up my sleeve. I wanted to cook something fascinating, coconut milk was suitable to proceed. One week, and I got the bakery to myself. Quite wonderful as life would have me kept away from the bakery at all costs. So a week I spent testing whether a coconut fondant would be possible. I have to pay credit to the awfully good Frenchman, Chef Raymond Blanc. His TV shows, ‘Kitchen Mysteries’ and ‘The Very Hungry Frenchman’ are amongst my favourites. Couldn’t shut up about him in my first year, and very well ended up doing a presentation on him. Tweaked his recipe for a chocolate fondant quite a bit and voila! It was marvellous. [Baked another for the T-rex who missed it as he was needed elsewhere]

He's quite amusing. Love the kitchen in the background.

He’s quite amusing. Love the kitchen in the background.

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A T-rex dilemma


“But your blogs funny. when are you posting next?”- the T-rex 
Of all the people out there. So little, meant a lot. 

{The orginal cover is by Daft Punk, but I like this version. Brace yourself, you will love this song.}

{A message from  here to there and everywhere:The following is a tale, it’s a fable in a planetary mixer. It’s nonsensical and wow, that didn’t need auto-correct while “autocorrect” did. hmm, so an open mind would do the world so much good, I wrote this for the T-rex. Who cheered me up while he didn’t even know about it. The following is the result of endorphins flying about in my body.}

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