Ssh… I’m sleeping!


[Note: I just opened up my set of watercolours to realize it didn’t come with a brush. *sigh*]

Hello. Like hello. That’s all I got to kickstart this post.¬†*writing skills* So¬†I’ve had a great week filled with a lot of Bollywood movies¬†that have left me feeling¬†‘thodasa filmy’. So whilst¬†my friends pleaded me to end this phase¬†of ‘filmy’ me, I’m just loving it. Today I’m¬†writing on the best ways to fall asleep.¬†The bartender who call’s himself Jamie Lannister (Incest freak) suggested I write about¬†sleeping without alcohol, but¬†I overthought the entire thing whilst having¬†my biscuits and tea at the bar and the¬†little writings below is what I’ve gathered. This post would have been up much earlier if it wasn’t for the T-Rex.

Disclaimer: The¬†rating system is solely¬†based off personal experience and¬†won’t necessarily work for you. You¬†might disagree,¬†I don’t know. Continue reading

I dream of ice cream


{NOTE: Some men just want to watch the world burn, some just want to eat cinnamon buns and ice cream.}

I fell asleep in ice cream, twice this week.

The first time around, I had a nice episode of Doctor who playing and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ‘Half baked’ ice cream to myself before my roomies entered the house and woke me up. It worried me that I couldn’t remember when I passed out. The second time around, I was alone in the house yet again whilst my roomies left to pick up a few friends from the metro station and they came back to¬†find me sleeping in an ice cream puddle on the bed.¬†Not that¬†bizarre as this isn’t the first time¬†my friends¬†have found me passed out with an open laptop else food around, but I tend to remember feeling sleepy, forcing myself to stay awake and to¬†watch another episode or to read another article. However, this time¬†I remember being wide awake, all cozy and planning everything I’d get done before sleeping and then just blank. Continue reading