Ack… Stop being a wet rag!


“Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant.” – Elie Wiesel

I’m sitting beside a very cold slice of pizza wondering about all that is wrong in the world today. It’s an immense weight and I don’t mean to be a Debbie downer but seriously. Half way past 2016 and we’ve lost the likes of Alan Rickman, David Bowie and a few weeks ago, Christina Grimmie. Apart from that, we’ve had shootings, bombings and terror attacks. I almost forgot about Elie Wiesel, who died a few days ago. I watched a speech he delivered in 1993 where he picked out Bill Clinton from the group, on the absence of his actions on the horror that was taking place in Bosnia at the time. He drew from his own experience as a holocaust survivor, when American media shied away from the holocaust whilst the American military shied away from bombing the tracks to Auschwitz to save on resources.

Too Much info..*sigh*

Think the point is trying it’s best to get away from here since I don’t usually write about war, terror and political drama. But it’s important, and it shouldn’t only be important to me, but to you as well. There was a shooting in Orlando, and the media covered it and everyone paid their respects to the tragedy. There are bombings in Iraq, and nothing. Over 200 killed, nothing. No facebook action to change one’s profile picture to highlight the country’s flag to show support or anything. I guess it’s a war torn country or some other stereotype label that people are comfortable with. Does it make a big difference, that the topic isn’t trending? Yes, yes it does! My roommate pointed out how he changed his profile picture for the Paris attacks, cause the option was offered. People are informed, word spreads, and maybe they take two minutes out of their busy schedules to learn a little more. Why does it matter? Read the quote Elie Wiesel delievered during his acceptance speech.

So is it unpopular to show support or to even sympathize with the victims and survivors of the bombings in Iraq? This might be an immature rant of a teenager (I just realized I’m not a teen anymore) and I know very little on the subject of war, terrorism, economics, politics, the Kardashians or even my own age, but I do know that what’s happening in the world today is not right. We might have evolved to be the superior species and have crossed milestones in technological advancements and everything else that makes us feel proud about the age we live in. However with every war, every blind eye we turn to an act of terrorism or violation of human rights, to believing only that with which we are comfortable with doesn’t throw us back to square one. It doesn’t shine light on how we haven’t really evolved as a species, cause we have (Science proves it, Ross Gellar will bring his briefcase of fossils to prove it). It just degrades us. It’s so odd to think that we’ve become accustomed to hearing about shootings and bombings when we shouldn’t. It’s not supposed to be something you’re comfortable with.

I understand how as an individual, there isn’t much one can do. Firstly what does one do? I don’t know. I’m the adorable fool ranting on the topic, all we can do is not accept the fact that these things have happened. Write about it, talk about it, share your thoughts, cause somewhere out there, in this small big world we live in, there is someone who knows what to do. Maybe pay attention to who you are electing for. I know that the new mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi has won me over. For one she shed light on Brexit and how the focus is more on the people, since it was the people who voted and even though it was a close call, the majority decided. People are to take charge of what happens, since it’s easy to blame political leaders, they are easy to hate anyway. In my own country, it seems like there’s more attention paid on censoring a movie than there is to real issues that the citizens face. Yeah the ‘point’ of this post has definitely boarded a first class flight to Bali, all independent and proactive. All for the best anyway, since I just like you (No, not I ‘just’ like you, I don’t like you, not in that manner) didn’t understand the point. I just held onto it cause it made me seem brainy. The point evaded me.

A good way to get off a serious topic *get off*, I’ll leave now.

P.S. – I was going to talk about Game of Thrones, Inu Yasha and the Ghost in our house.


The Choir Girl Who Went Horribly, Desperately Wrong.


Florence and the Machine

{I found a clean sheet of paper and a sharp pencil}

Everybody recommends good music according to their taste. To come across music so abstract and individual is a tardy task. The first song I stumbled upon on my sister’s playlist was ‘The Bird Song‘.

I found myself drowning as the harp strings were plucked. Each beat calling on spirits unheard of.

I played another track, and fell into a darkness; a darkness I enjoyed. There was something raw about her music that kept me grounded. Continue reading

Twiddling thumbs


“We talked about everything, except the space between us” – Kevin Barry

Remember when Harry was left behind at Hogwarts in his third year whilst everyone in his class started making their way down to Hogsmeade. If you didn’t read the book, the movie does a good job of portraying it. Remember it yet? That sums up the position I’m in at the moment. Whilst my best friends leave, and travel together I’m stuck back here twiddling my thumbs.

This isn’t the first time that it’s happened, as someone pointed out, I have a certain nature of staying back and making sure everyone’s on board. That includes filling out important documents cause the aforementioned best friend has really bad handwriting, had a ton of stuff to do, and filling out vital documents without making a few mistakes is definitely not his thing. Sweet hugs and snapping bra straps definitely made it a whole lot easier, and the fact that it wasn’t really good bye. (Meeting them all again in a few days time, most of them…maybe)

She puts things into perspective. Which is why I love her, and her songs. Think the saddest theme for any sort of love, or just about anything nowadays is “forever and ever” them, which isn’t anything new. Focusing on the ‘now’ and the near future is quite alright. I understand how you can love someone now, and in that moment it feels like you could love them forever, however that’s never really the case. There are times where, as I love to say this, like a NASA mission to an Astronaut, give them SPACE! Space is required, small tiffs and big arguments, even a little brawling is required. Why take my word for it? One night of drinks (wherein I finished just about everyone’s drinks) ended with my advice saving three relationships, comforting the drunk, taking care of the sick one puking in the toilet bowl and then tucking him to sleep. The next day followed with the routine of gratitude, hugs, and the usual speeches of flattery. Then they go on to call me the child in the batch. Complete Morons.As usual, I don’t know. I’ll just go back to twiddling my thumbs.

P.S. – I was asked to write about what’s at the center of a black hole by a fairly thin friend. Think I did a pretty good job at it.

The Old Tomato!


I was too busy to write, and this was supposed to be posted a week ago, but I was really enjoying a good episode of the Flash! If I had a gold coin for every time I’ve exclaimed “The Flash, THE FLASH!” to one of my closest friends, I’d not be rich, but I’d be getting there. It’s been 23 episodes, so 23 weeks of constant nagging to discuss everything about the Flash! Only to be interrupted by well many breaks following winter and ‘Marvel’s Daredevil’, which I keep aside since it constantly calls for a binge. The only good I love more than Grant Gustin’s open letter to the fans of the show, are the group of friends  that I’ve been buggering about the show to. They haven’t watched the show, or don’t follow it or have no knowledge of what I’m talking about. Aren’t they the best?


Today’s the final episode, ‘the old tomato’ as Continue reading

The distress call


There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them. Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone.

I’ve got a wonderful web of friends who all mean a lot to me. Some close and some distant, and some peculiar ones that I get very defensive about. Within the labyrinth I live my life in, there are only a few who really get to see the intricate details of what my life really looks like. A few know about my heart, some know about my mistakes, and those few who by chance get a glimpse of the grid I live in. There are things I keep to myself, and details I keep from the people I speak with everyday, my friends. It’s not about keeping secrets, it’s just not for them to know. But then there are a few, that I hardly know, that I open up to, either by chance or it feels like I owe it to them. For some I feel the need to explain myself, for reasons that are concrete, so they can understand my decisions and behaviour.

When I say the word “back up” Continue reading

Scarlet Rings

It's Red Velvet. Need I say more?

It’s Red Velvet. Need I say more?

Is it alright to go into depression for missing my doughnuts? 

A long journey to Bangalore, and though I didn’t get to meet one of my close friends [gave him a big boo! for that..], I did enjoy the three day’s spent there.  Eventful as they were, the first evening, was when I met with the now sorely missed red velvet doughnut. It was a night spent walking about the city, in hunger, waiting to eat something, while my pals searched for a decent pub. Continue reading

The brilliance of denial


“I’m a fan of the truth.”Sienna Brooks, Inferno by Dan Brown.

With the lies that surround me, to think logically and leave out the heart, hear that which is hard to take in, and clear the little fog. To hear the true truth past the nebbiolo. It’s not for everyone, yet those who live without it give  me a little hope. A little courage.

To be isolated, is sometimes comforting, to be with oneself. It’s safe. Not everyone is open to views, nor are they able to accept some facts the same way I’m incapable of seeing some things that are right there in front of me. It’s not always easy to be the understandable one, the responsible one, or even the tolerating one. How long can one maintain neutrality, at a time of crisis. Continue reading

The thin line between Our self and Our people


Not making a decision, is a decision.

Is it hard to believe that one lacks self-control?

I hear about all sorts of addictions and about how it’s become more of a need than somewhat a habit. I think self-control is no more than another choice in life. Addiction, quite a pseudo side of the human psyche. It’s a matter of our own choices. Saying one has no option on what choices to make in life is literally quite fatuous. Continue reading

The leaves that flutter by the smiles

I walked past it and marvelled at its beauty.

I walked past it and marvelled at its beauty.

I’ve been presented a mystery which is quite puzzling, hence a mystery it is. Quite unsure whether it was something to bother my mind about or not, until it was presented to me by others. The same puzzling question.

If you see a person happy, is that the origin of envy? Continue reading

Never trust a Fat Chef, he’s eating your food..

so in terms, speak that which is false and taste the bitterness.

so in terms, speak that which is false and taste the bitterness.

The amusements everywhere. I picked up another book, cause the title “estonians, tastes and traditions” intrigued me. Continue reading