The Honest Toast


Ever think about how the music you listen to defines your very being. I just shot down some tequila at the request of my roommate and I’m letting it do all the typing.

I’ve not been fine for a while now. The following sheds a little light on that.

I’ve spent the past 6 months over thinking my posts a bit too much cause starting this year, I let the majority of my friends and family know that I write every now and then. Halfway into the year and I decide to talk about it now. *Priorities* Anyway I grew really conscious whilst typing out new posts and I deleted some entirely. Reason which are stated below. This blog has never been private, I never intended it to be. However I recently felt quite naked knowing that my family/friends have read my really old posts. You know the immature ones with little to no editing at all. Continue reading


I dream of ice cream


{NOTE: Some men just want to watch the world burn, some just want to eat cinnamon buns and ice cream.}

I fell asleep in ice cream, twice this week.

The first time around, I had a nice episode of Doctor who playing and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ‘Half baked’ ice cream to myself before my roomies entered the house and woke me up. It worried me that I couldn’t remember when I passed out. The second time around, I was alone in the house yet again whilst my roomies left to pick up a few friends from the metro station and they came back to find me sleeping in an ice cream puddle on the bed. Not that bizarre as this isn’t the first time my friends have found me passed out with an open laptop else food around, but I tend to remember feeling sleepy, forcing myself to stay awake and to watch another episode or to read another article. However, this time I remember being wide awake, all cozy and planning everything I’d get done before sleeping and then just blank. Continue reading

Beaches be Crazy!


Note: This became a higher priority than the post scheduled to be published today. 

Whilst taking out the garbage, one of my roomies started hating on the fact that the pool next door which we can view from our apartment is always empty and that we’ve got to walk a bit further to use a functional pool. I don’t like pools much due to the ‘you can drown’ factor and yes, it’s noted that I’m quite tall to drown in a pool that’s 6 feet deep. However a very traumatic childhood experience at a friends birthday party left quite a scar *holding back the emotions*. So as the conversation moved forward, I pointed it out that we do have a beach, we have a lot of beaches and they are so much better than a sullen pool. He disagreed. A metallic guitar roared *in my head* as it was time for a showdown.

Pools vs Beaches

Round 1: Pools lack the motion beaches provide with waves. One of the fondest memories I have is of my cousins, family and I sitting in Goa with our backs against the sea and waiting for the wave to hit us. Wave pools can’t generate that kind of fun!

Round 2: Pools usually compromise of a little pee and underwater farts. All that chlorine water usually gets the phlegm running from my nose like Indiana Jones running away from the rolling boulder. Red eyes, red itchy freakin eyes. Can’t escape that one. Beaches don’t boast of great water but all those minerals, salt and silt actually work well on one’s skin, so perks!

Round 3: You can’t dig a huge hole in the ground next to a pool unless you want to be fined and charged for destruction of property. The beach however doesn’t stop you from creating what could be the perfect hole or a grand castle.

*I honestly don’t know how many rounds there are supposed to be at this moment, this is more of a make it up as you go sort of thingy*

Round 4: You can’t stroll alongside a pool looking for fascinating shells. You’re more likely trying not to fall into the pool. Which brings up the fact that at the beach, the water coaxes you in. I’m going to stop there, nope. This isn’t that kind of a blog. *’Coaxes‘, just as bad as ‘penetrate‘*

Well the only reason I wrote this is cause I ended the discusssion with “Beaches win” (say it again if you didn’t get it, and then some more) and that sounded too punny to not share with you.

P.S. – Beaches win!

Stupid pigeons!


Hello! *sighs*

Adele’s sort of ruined that greeting. Can’t really say it without the rest of the song playing through. It’s been roughly over two months since I’ve moved away from home and settled down in Dubai. In all honesty I could have written up a post at any point since I had the WiFi set up but procrastination got the better of me. Not really sure where this post is heading. I could talk about ‘Hello’. At my new workplace, I’ve said it so frequently that they’ve all (most of the staff) started inserting humorous follow ups. I’ve said it in one of my previous posts, that sometimes the best thing to do is to let loose and amuse yourself by saying hello to something as stationary as a tree. They’ve all taken heed to that, which is a lot of fun.

Burrhus Frederic Skinner (1904 – 1990), a behavioral psychologist above all else put forth the principle of reinforcement, wherein free will was an illusion and everything was a matter of consequence of previous actions. I came across his work in my elder sister’s psychology textbook, since I read every other book in the house (including answering those quizzes in my sister’s cosmopolitan magazines) and was trying to keep myself from pretending to know a person, after having read just one psychology textbook. Quite a task I tell you. Well a few years later I watched a show on Discovery Science, cause at that time, it had some of the better shows on TV (Burn Notice, blech) until it became repetitive. Well they covered Skinner’s experiment with pigeons which according to his wiki page was one of his favourite animals to experiment with, and another useless fact is that pigeons happen to be one of the few things that scare the crap out of the coffee girl. Oh how I missed writing.

So the pigeon experiment revolved around pigeons in a cage displaying superstitious behaviour to get food. Food was let into the cage at odd intervals, however the pigeons seemed to repeat actions such as walking counter clockwise or cocking their head at a certain corner of the cage in order to get food since it was something they did the first time food was let into the cage. It’s something I guess everyone can relate to from putting the left sock on first or taking a particular route to a destination with the belief that things will turn out alright or as expected. Well I have to confess that I put my left sock on first and tie my right shoe on after both socks are up cause I think it’s about equality and I don’t want either of my feet to feel bad that I pick one over the other.*The left one tends to sleep more often*

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I scream ‘STELLA!’


{NOTE: I really want that BB-8 droid}

I just found out that ‘Moshi Moshi’ is a greeting over the phone in Japan and that it is used to get a person’s attention. Eek. I got into the habit of saying ‘Mushy Mushy’ a few months ago since I felt it was the right term to replace my previous word of choice, kee‘. If I were on top of a hill and was asked to let out all my anger, I’d scream, not curse. Point one being that cursing requires some amount of thinking and I’d be stuck over thinking the foulest thing to say rather than focusing on letting out my anger. The next point being that this one anime (The Girl from hell) really spooked the crap out of me about curses.

Why am I talking about screaming on top of a hill? I’m not sure myself, but let’s just stick with it. It’s just relieving at times to be Neanderthal, to let go of responsibility and just let loose. I’m still not over my birthday chocolate being stolen, a bit immature, but that was the one good thing that I’d been saving up for a bad time and some monkey stole it.

*Think about Ross and his Sandwich*

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Something about Hamsters


{Fair WARNING: I just ate a whole lot of bread pudding.}


Isn’t ‘Pudding’ just an amusing word, like try saying it a few times before you eventually realize that you can’t stop, cause ‘Pudding’ is quite complex for an amusing word. Like are you pronouncing it right, ‘Pud-ding’, ‘POODing’, ‘PooDING’ or ‘PuDDin’. Think it’s the sweetest thing, though I’ve yet to come by someone to use the term in a reference to something other than pudding. Ofcouse there is Harley Quinn, and no one pulls off ‘Pudding’ better than her. Think I’ll name one of my future pets ‘Pudding’. Continue reading

Not Uranus!


No one seems to be looking up at the sky anymore. 

Jupiter and Venus are putting up a spectacular display. Even though it’s the monsoon, the sky still looks brilliant with its heavy clouds. Tonight post the rains, I was out buying milk for my morning breakfast, and up there in the sky, something strange stood out from the map of stars and planets I’m familiar with, violently beautiful. Two bright planets as it turns out, Jupiter and Venus, and apparently the show is still on for tomorrow for anyone who’s missed it. It’s never fails to amaze me the night sky that is, two years ago, the Geminid shower had me in the same wonder.  Continue reading

Pineapples and Coconuts!


Hi there you, it’s another day, done with my work and I’m free to stay up all night as it is my off tomorrow! Great isn’t it? Well I require a good day of relaxation. The chefs had a meeting pop up out of the blue and well I was left to myself with a few cookies to wrap up. So as when I always do when I am in a room to myself, *oh not that!* I sing out loud and do the instruments to my music. Today it happened to be ‘the name game’ by Shirley Ellis. I did complete an ‘American Horror Story’ marathon a week ago and that song stuck with me. I rhymed as many names and some names weren’t meant to be rhymed, example my roomie and colleague’s nick name ‘Kappi’.

I wasn’t allowed Continue reading

Pan’s victory

Cause that's the outcome of making so many.

Cause that’s the outcome of making so many.

{Note: This is the very reason I had no refined flour to bake the marble cake, for which I had to resort to the only available option.}

To Pan, who deserves more credit, and to whom I dedicate these pancakes. All things are wonderful with a little bit of mythology woven into them.

So I’m at home rolling out pancakes. These aren’t the sort that you’d top with maple syrup, more on the lines towards a Swedish pancake. Like a crepe, although slightly thicker but not as thick as a blintz. While blini’s use a leavening agent and are made from buckwheat flour, these pancakes aren’t. I call them pancakes, as in my house everyone does, and so does every Roman Catholic I’ve met out there, as well as Goans and people from the Konkan area. I say these are similar to Swedish pancakes, since their mainly rolled with a filling of coconut and jaggery which is quite sweet, and unlike crepes which are also served with savoury items, these pancakes are reserved for sweets only, similar to their Swedish cousins.

So I started out with the Continue reading

The distress call


There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them. Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone.

I’ve got a wonderful web of friends who all mean a lot to me. Some close and some distant, and some peculiar ones that I get very defensive about. Within the labyrinth I live my life in, there are only a few who really get to see the intricate details of what my life really looks like. A few know about my heart, some know about my mistakes, and those few who by chance get a glimpse of the grid I live in. There are things I keep to myself, and details I keep from the people I speak with everyday, my friends. It’s not about keeping secrets, it’s just not for them to know. But then there are a few, that I hardly know, that I open up to, either by chance or it feels like I owe it to them. For some I feel the need to explain myself, for reasons that are concrete, so they can understand my decisions and behaviour.

When I say the word “back up” Continue reading