The Choir Girl Who Went Horribly, Desperately Wrong.


Florence and the Machine

{I found a clean sheet of paper and a sharp pencil}

Everybody recommends good music according to their taste. To come across music so abstract and individual is a tardy task. The first song I stumbled upon on my sister’s playlist was ‘The Bird Song‘.

I found myself drowning as the harp strings were plucked. Each beat calling on spirits unheard of.

I played another track, and fell into a darkness; a darkness I enjoyed. There was something raw about her music that kept me grounded. Continue reading


How to avoid kissing a Dementor!


{Note: I wrote this to help out a friend in need. I hope that it helps out anyone out there. Meep!}

Started on a doodle

Started on a doodle.

*I may have to rethink that title.*

Whenever something doesn’t go my way, or it’s like all odds are against me, I get a bit competitive with myself to do better. Then there are those situations wherein there seems to be no escape, that sinking feeling of fear. The evil in it was that it could strike at any point. A bright day filled with trivial conversations, good food and just when you least expect it, there arises that familiar feeling that sprouts about insecurities and the cons of every decision you’ve made, the cons of your goals and aspirations start weighing down on you.

It’s horrible and quite the hurdle to overcome. I don’t like referring to it as depression, cause that really does sound depressing. I prefer reenacting it as having been attacked by a dementor. To quote Dr Sheldon Cooper, “What’s life without whimsy?” My usual way to get rid of that sinking feeling was to help others, and whilst I was in college, it was pretty easy as everyone needed help with an assignment or so, a way to distract myself and focus on everyone else’s problems. It was a good remedy for the most part, something that helped me sleep.

{One can never go wrong by listening to Florence + the Machine}

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Sitting Tight


{The Beatles song at the end of this post is stuck in my head!}

Hello there! I’ve postponed my daily chores till this post is written and up for you (kee!) to read. That title, I’d do anything to get out of doing my chores. They can wait. Whilst I’m on that topic, I recently had to wait around an hour for my friends to show up at a spot that they decided upon. Is that sentence correct? I don’t know. What I do know is that even though I walked around in circles completely lost, I still managed to make it on time. I waited, and then waited some more. I realized that this isn’t the first time I’ve had to wait for everyone to show up. This isn’t college where a party is said to start at 4 pm but then 4 pm really means it starts around 7 pm, which is when everyone shows up. Nope, we’re definitely out of college with a busy schedule that involves watching Ellen and sleeping. [Context: we had a curfew at 9 pm which required us back in our dorms, so any party had to be before 9 pm.]

So there I was waiting under the roof of a store Continue reading

Jukebox Conversations


{Hello Hello!}

If you didn’t mentally shout out ‘Hola!’, you probably missed an opportunity. Hi, today’s post is on greetings, not salutations and that awesome batman figurine is actually my friend, Vikram’s finding. Yes! Vikram is a real name.. To be more specific, turning those greetings into popular songs. As I’ve mentioned in a post lost somewhere on this blog (If it even is a blog), I have a habit of just singing a lyric or two, alright an entire verse followed by the chorus at any point of the day. No matter what the situation, there are some moments that I feel, need to be seized. Fortunately my friends either go along with it, or are just as normal as I am and do the same thing. During my internship, my friend/former roommate/colleague shared a bit of an obsession with Macklemore’s ‘Thrift shop‘. Who hasn’t? Well the general public I’m guessing. We’d sing it anytime someone would blurt, ‘What?’ and you sort of get the picture. Continue reading

To Kill an Obsession


{Sleep deprived}

I haven’t slept in the past 24 hours now, not that I’m up to any good. That’s my roomie in the picture and that’s either the hand of glory else a chicken foot impersonation. I had utterly done nothing substantial and just called it a dull day. An episode or two of friends, and I was ready to sleep cause well I almost dozed off midway through eating my rice. I made my bed all comfy, closed the kitchen and soaked some beans to be cooked for today’s lunch. Tardy tasks I tell you and midway through shutting my tabs I receive a message from the T-rex regarding the different storylines attributed to the Joker and Batman. It spurred me a bit, as I kept enforcing him to watch else read ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ since he’s begun taking a deeper interest into comic books (Batman specifically) and well I believe if you’re getting into something, you might as well go deep into it (Don’t! Nasty). Continue reading

A Squibs kitchen


{Two weeks too late: I’ve been busy getting documents together for my visa, apart from sleeping}

First day into the baking spree and I did most of what was planned on the bake-it list. I began the day with a walk around my area gathering a few ingredients that the first make shift patron, the ‘Squib’ couldn’t gather herself, ingredients that were commonly within reach of my house. Although I was a bit baffled when she emphasized on getting the curd, which amongst every ingredient on the list, it wasn’t necessarily essential. Cue Bombay’s humidity, an absorbent tshirt and a weather notification on the phone signalling the use of sunscreen or an umbrella due to high UV rays, a bit bothersome even though I ignore it.

  A short journey, 6 stations away and thanks to google maps, I found myself in the right lane. What came next sent me off balance Continue reading

Love sticks, sweat drips


I’m missing out on Florence and the Machine performing live at Glastonbury. 

Think future generations will question their history as much as we question ours, it took quite a while, but Gay marriage is finally legal in the United States. I don’t live in the States, nor do some of my gay friends, nor am I gay, nor are most of my friends or family, but we’re all still happy, overwhelmed with joy at the freedom. Albeit laughing quite a bit at majority of the nations who can’t see the silliness in not passing the same law. What’s the worst that could happen? (usually something bad happens, but considering the situation, I doubt unicorns and rainbows would be that bad.)

Think the dysfunctional song fits quite well.

Someone stole my birthday chocolate, not funny. Continue reading

A T-rex dilemma


“But your blogs funny. when are you posting next?”- the T-rex 
Of all the people out there. So little, meant a lot. 

{The orginal cover is by Daft Punk, but I like this version. Brace yourself, you will love this song.}

{A message from  here to there and everywhere:The following is a tale, it’s a fable in a planetary mixer. It’s nonsensical and wow, that didn’t need auto-correct while “autocorrect” did. hmm, so an open mind would do the world so much good, I wrote this for the T-rex. Who cheered me up while he didn’t even know about it. The following is the result of endorphins flying about in my body.}

So there lived this T-rex.  Feared by so many. why? Continue reading

No words, no words

I miss these perfect headphones.

I miss these perfect headphones.

Alrighty, it’s been a while, but life’s not as calm and cozy as it used to be. Performing a victory dance for the completion of each daunting task. Not like the curtains are closed, there’s yet another act to follow. But until then, it’s time for a popcorn break, which sadly isn’t much as I’ve exhausted my wallet over the pastries I’ve had over the past three weeks.

These beats, they get me moving. Continue reading

Two Birds – Regina Spektor


A delicate song, that’s usually misinterpreted. The rhythm quite childish, it’s lyrics quite true. I’ve read on and on about how the song is all about break ups and to a certain extent even drug abuse [The internet is no stranger to fatuous information]. Continue reading