Thoughts of an Absurd souffle


{I wandered about until I realized I was indeed, lost.

Is it the certainty of knowing the outcome of a recipe that puts it in favour over the choice of cooking the unknown? A trait amid mothers, grandmothers and the one or two men in the family who know how to cook without a recipe is that they always seem to have all the answers. I used to go berserk thinking about the uncertainty of the future before being reminded that I barely knew what the present day had in store for me. A death in the family definitely widened the realm of the unpredictable. However it was just that sudden shock that calmed the storm in my head. Standing still in fear of the unpredictable was nothing short of depriving myself of all that I could achieve. Take it as missing an opportunity to cook a good dish whilst surrounded with good ingredients. It’s better to have a baked souffle than have non, right?

I don’t know why I’m thinking about soufflés but my thoughts are all poofy now. Continue reading


Hagrid’s Patronus


The majority of the fandom is upset, and even more find it hard to believe that it’s true. I don’t find any issues with believing what she said. It’s a difficult spell. I’d suggest reading ‘The Prisoner of Azkaban‘ and relive the exhausting task of barely conjuring up a shield. In the ‘Order of the Phoenix‘, it’s a much easier task for quite a few in the D.A.; the movie made it seem even easier, but even Harry pointed out that in the presence of a dementor, it would be extremely difficult to conjure up a shield of a patronus, forget a corporeal one.

Now Hagrid’s earned a soft spot since the very beginning, however evidence points that he wasn’t quite adept with his wand. Sure, he could light a fireplace or hex Dudley’s buttocks, but remember him trying(failing) to cast a simple mending charm (Reparo) when the blue side car was hanging onto Sirius’s flying motorbike. I’m sure he has a ton of happy memories to those fans who stated that the inability to conjure a patronus implies that one doesn’t have any happy memory.

“That’s very, very advanced magic” – Hermione Granger

It’s a complex spell, like getting the right crust for an apple pie. Remember Hermione and Ron, both failed to keep their patronus alive against the swarm of Death Eaters in the Deathly Hallows. Another point is that his wand isn’t mended, though I think if Harry’s wand was mended quite nicely by the Elderwand, one which was previously owned by Dumbledore, I can’t see why Hagrid’s couldn’t be. Continue reading

Dios mío! Look at that


I’ve taken up learning spanish. “Dios mío! mira ese tope.”

Things that happened this past week:
It’s started to rain, and it spells ‘trouble’ for all the people that snort stuff, including some hillbillies who’ve started lining up maggi noodles. An excess of phlegm for everyone! Fools I tell you. Leave it to the adults to freak out over a home/hostel staple to contain lead and MSG. Not like cigarettes and many other products out there are any better. (The two roomies and I just finished a huge bowl of Maggi Masala noodles a few minutes ago just by the way, it was good!)

Wrote on a lot of Tables, lost the pencil.

Wrote on a lot of Tables, lost the pencil.

One roommate returned from a night out with his girlfriend (wink*) whilst the other is currently in a cute skype chat with his other. Introduced the latter to ‘Anaconda’ by Nicki Minaj and well he’s hooked. Can’t help but sing the song whenever someone nearby exclaims “Oh my god!”, which doesn’t happen as often thankfully.

I on the other hand had a nasty encounter with a dementor and was comforted with chocolate cookies and hugs. Such fun! What’s sort of concerning is the number of guys entering the room and using the hand wash on the table…I’m not even going to..nope.

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If Voldemort had a nose…


I do have an assignment to work on, but it’s quite boring and I don’t take kindly to assignments that are thrown on me at the last moment when an entire year passed by with no hint about it whatsoever. Even when I asked! So I try to open up a word document, and instead of a literature review, I start thinking about all the difference it would have made if Lord Voldemort had donned a nose. I can’t say what sort of nose exactly, but anything other than flat, not to sound offensive.

Would he be as dangerous? Maybe I should rephrase that, would he appear to be as dangerous with a nose, a prominent one? I don’t know, but we can weigh in just about everything he could do with a nose. For starters, would he commit as many crimes as he did? I really believe that a missing nose, or at least the point right after he lost it caused him to cast  a few Killing curses about and yell, “Crucio”. Proof for that would be the point in ‘Deathly Hallows’ wherein he found out one of his hocruxes, ‘Slytherins locket’  missing. Yikes!

Moving on, he definitely would have sported some good frames. Maybe that’s what enticed him about Continue reading

A T-rex dilemma


“But your blogs funny. when are you posting next?”- the T-rex 
Of all the people out there. So little, meant a lot. 

{The orginal cover is by Daft Punk, but I like this version. Brace yourself, you will love this song.}

{A message from  here to there and everywhere:The following is a tale, it’s a fable in a planetary mixer. It’s nonsensical and wow, that didn’t need auto-correct while “autocorrect” did. hmm, so an open mind would do the world so much good, I wrote this for the T-rex. Who cheered me up while he didn’t even know about it. The following is the result of endorphins flying about in my body.}

So there lived this T-rex.  Feared by so many. why? Continue reading

A Ravenclaw’s way to dine like Nemo


A world where it’s getting quite cloudy to find someone who understands and appreciates what they eat.

There's something about breasts...

There’s something about breasts…

Why do dishes call for particular ingredients? What is tradition? Why is a dish called what it is? Continue reading

Never trust a Fat Chef, he’s eating your food..

so in terms, speak that which is false and taste the bitterness.

so in terms, speak that which is false and taste the bitterness.

The amusements everywhere. I picked up another book, cause the title “estonians, tastes and traditions” intrigued me. Continue reading

Dumbledore enjoys Savarin

a few words off the page..

a few words off the page..

“Nobody can make things as awful as experimental young chefs who think they’re being clever!” Ruth Reichl, The New York Times.

Though this statement does hold some truth, I disagree with it. Yes there are young as well as elderly chefs out there who think that their being clever at cooking up something new, but then it finally is up to who that person really is. There are people out there who have a habit of lying to themselves in order to feel good. This isn’t really getting them anywhere, chef’s who won’t accept that their food is bad, I leave them to their prison of solitude. Continue reading

“a literary amusement…”


“I have created this book as a literary amuse-bouche”- William Woys Weaver, Culinary Ephemera-an Illustrated History.

the illustrations are eye candy.

the illustrations are eye candy.

A literary amuse-bouche is literally quite appealing. I read that randomly and it made me smile as so many little things do. The trait of a writer to relate various aspects of the world and spin them into a work of literature fascinates me. Continue reading