People of Colour


{You might be offended}

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Here I present to you that butt hurt person, nitpicking to find the silliest flaw in just about anything; not just Harry Potter. If they bothered to read the books, or take away their shallow view of the movies, they’d realize that this series teaches a lot about discrimination, acceptance and much more. On another point, I read the books before the movies released. What I admired about the movies was their exceptional casting, from Hermione, Umbridge and Luna to freaking Cho and the Patel twins. But above all, the most important point is that…

‘People of Colour’, are people!

Singling them (people of colour) out is a bit discriminating. I apologize if I just see them as characters, aren’t they supposed to be fictional characters? It’s like Dumbledore being gay, it didn’t contribute to the story in an important manner, hence it was left out. It showed the character as a complex person in many other ways, but most importantly, that he was a person nonetheless. Stop looking for reasons to be offended. Continue reading


Owl Post!


{A letter I wrote to J.K.Rowling as part of an event celebrating her birthday as well as Harry’s} Continue reading

Not Uranus!


No one seems to be looking up at the sky anymore. 

Jupiter and Venus are putting up a spectacular display. Even though it’s the monsoon, the sky still looks brilliant with its heavy clouds. Tonight post the rains, I was out buying milk for my morning breakfast, and up there in the sky, something strange stood out from the map of stars and planets I’m familiar with, violently beautiful. Two bright planets as it turns out, Jupiter and Venus, and apparently the show is still on for tomorrow for anyone who’s missed it. It’s never fails to amaze me the night sky that is, two years ago, the Geminid shower had me in the same wonder.  Continue reading

Love sticks, sweat drips


I’m missing out on Florence and the Machine performing live at Glastonbury. 

Think future generations will question their history as much as we question ours, it took quite a while, but Gay marriage is finally legal in the United States. I don’t live in the States, nor do some of my gay friends, nor am I gay, nor are most of my friends or family, but we’re all still happy, overwhelmed with joy at the freedom. Albeit laughing quite a bit at majority of the nations who can’t see the silliness in not passing the same law. What’s the worst that could happen? (usually something bad happens, but considering the situation, I doubt unicorns and rainbows would be that bad.)

Think the dysfunctional song fits quite well.

Someone stole my birthday chocolate, not funny. Continue reading

Twiddling thumbs


“We talked about everything, except the space between us” – Kevin Barry

Remember when Harry was left behind at Hogwarts in his third year whilst everyone in his class started making their way down to Hogsmeade. If you didn’t read the book, the movie does a good job of portraying it. Remember it yet? That sums up the position I’m in at the moment. Whilst my best friends leave, and travel together I’m stuck back here twiddling my thumbs.

This isn’t the first time that it’s happened, as someone pointed out, I have a certain nature of staying back and making sure everyone’s on board. That includes filling out important documents cause the aforementioned best friend has really bad handwriting, had a ton of stuff to do, and filling out vital documents without making a few mistakes is definitely not his thing. Sweet hugs and snapping bra straps definitely made it a whole lot easier, and the fact that it wasn’t really good bye. (Meeting them all again in a few days time, most of them…maybe)

She puts things into perspective. Which is why I love her, and her songs. Think the saddest theme for any sort of love, or just about anything nowadays is “forever and ever” them, which isn’t anything new. Focusing on the ‘now’ and the near future is quite alright. I understand how you can love someone now, and in that moment it feels like you could love them forever, however that’s never really the case. There are times where, as I love to say this, like a NASA mission to an Astronaut, give them SPACE! Space is required, small tiffs and big arguments, even a little brawling is required. Why take my word for it? One night of drinks (wherein I finished just about everyone’s drinks) ended with my advice saving three relationships, comforting the drunk, taking care of the sick one puking in the toilet bowl and then tucking him to sleep. The next day followed with the routine of gratitude, hugs, and the usual speeches of flattery. Then they go on to call me the child in the batch. Complete Morons.As usual, I don’t know. I’ll just go back to twiddling my thumbs.

P.S. – I was asked to write about what’s at the center of a black hole by a fairly thin friend. Think I did a pretty good job at it.

If Voldemort had a nose…


I do have an assignment to work on, but it’s quite boring and I don’t take kindly to assignments that are thrown on me at the last moment when an entire year passed by with no hint about it whatsoever. Even when I asked! So I try to open up a word document, and instead of a literature review, I start thinking about all the difference it would have made if Lord Voldemort had donned a nose. I can’t say what sort of nose exactly, but anything other than flat, not to sound offensive.

Would he be as dangerous? Maybe I should rephrase that, would he appear to be as dangerous with a nose, a prominent one? I don’t know, but we can weigh in just about everything he could do with a nose. For starters, would he commit as many crimes as he did? I really believe that a missing nose, or at least the point right after he lost it caused him to cast  a few Killing curses about and yell, “Crucio”. Proof for that would be the point in ‘Deathly Hallows’ wherein he found out one of his hocruxes, ‘Slytherins locket’  missing. Yikes!

Moving on, he definitely would have sported some good frames. Maybe that’s what enticed him about Continue reading

The Granger who sorted out her Priorities!

The year after which, according to JKR, Harry could defeat Hermione in a dual. Something I still have my doubts about.

The year after which, according to JKR, Harry could defeat Hermione in a dual. Something I still have my doubts about.

Well,this may be a tad pointless, but as composed as I may be, it always ticks me off when someone questions JK Rowling’s “Harry Potter”.

I often hear “why don’t we know more about Hermione’s life away from Hogwarts?” and to be frank, Continue reading