Froot Loop weekend…


(Note: I managed to make a cringe worthy memory by pronouncing Brooklyn 99 as Brooklyn ninety nine over a conversation with my sister and then defending the error.)

“How do you save a drowning fish?

Throw a few fruit loops in the water!”

2016 seems to follow a very vibrant colour pattern spilled over from 2015. Coldplay’s new song ‘Hymn for the weekend’, the Suicide Squad trailer and posters, Superbowl half time show, Black versus Blue (BvS), Red vs Blue (Civil War), Red vs Black (Daredevil vs the Punisher) and then there’s just the forever alone red (deadpool). X men Apocalypse if you count Psylocke and Jubilee putting up a light show. Really hope that the movie doesn’t disappoint. What made Colossus stand out in Deadpool more than any other X men film he’s appeared in is that he was given lines and much more purpose than just serving as the bruiser on the team, something that the X men films seem to be missing other than ‘First Class’. I was so excited to see ‘Blink’ in Days of Future past only to be disappointed with her absence. I can’t leave out Jessica Jones’s purple, that colour appeals to one too many people I know. This post, unlike the 6 seasons of ‘Lost’ has a point somewhere. *I kid*

*Hometown Glory*

Well, I’m still looping ‘Hymn for the weekend’ on YouTube. It’s visually appealing, as for the lyrics Continue reading


I never knew daylight could be so violent

by Robert Steinberg and John Scharffenberger

by Robert Steinberg and John Scharffenberger

Assignments and a busy schedule leave no room to process anything. Sleep deprived and the usual problems everywhere aren’t helping. Fast food everyday isn’t making things better. Hopefully in the coming weeks with submissions on the go, the load shall reduce. Milkshakes, noodles and rice to go. Gotta be there for friends.

Something to look forward to, Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’ is going to release. Set in Italy yet again, promises a good read. The excerpt of the first chapter was convincing. Though think there’s hardly going to be any time at all to spare. Craving Apple strudels now. Wondering about the many recipe’s I can try with only a microwave at hand. Too busy to bother myself with paranoid thoughts, though always find time to be there for a friend. Continue reading