I dream of ice cream


{NOTE: Some men just want to watch the world burn, some just want to eat cinnamon buns and ice cream.}

I fell asleep in ice cream, twice this week.

The first time around, I had a nice episode of Doctor who playing and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ‘Half baked’ ice cream to myself before my roomies entered the house and woke me up. It worried me that I couldn’t remember when I passed out. The second time around, I was alone in the house yet again whilst my roomies left to pick up a few friends from the metro station and they came back to find me sleeping in an ice cream puddle on the bed. Not that bizarre as this isn’t the first time my friends have found me passed out with an open laptop else food around, but I tend to remember feeling sleepy, forcing myself to stay awake and to watch another episode or to read another article. However, this time I remember being wide awake, all cozy and planning everything I’d get done before sleeping and then just blank. Continue reading


The day I lost wandering


{Beware: A lot of selfies}

Hello there, I just found a whole new set of editing features in my tool bar. I’ve always been bugged by the absence of any text justification, and well, I can’t describe the satisfaction of finally having it all aligned. It’s like finding new stationary. It’s going to take a while to get over it. Look at these coloured fonts! Aside from that, in my weekly update, I attended a dessert pop up that was truly disappointing. The upside was meeting up with two friends who managed to make it. My previous post covered the disappointment that all of us felt regarding the event.


Former roomie who loves miley. Might. I’m not sure.

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The Groundwork to Event Planning


{Wondering if I should maintain a quiff. This post ought to get an expression out of you.}

I attended a dessert pop up recently, one that I was looking forward to as I’d get to meet a number of old friends. Surprisingly, I wasn’t the first one there and that cheered me up as the way usual plans go, I’m always the one holding down a table for a group. We expected a crowd, as the restaurant hosting the pop up was not relatively large for the event. Ofcourse I had a very different vision on what a desert pop up would be and I don’t want to be mean, but it was a huge let down. I’m all up for eating anything sweet. Apart from the slight disappointment that it wasn’t what I expected it to be, I had an appetite to eat a few offerings. We had time to spare as we were still waiting for the entire party to arrive. ‘Spare’, don’t think I use that word often enough.

Attending the event wasn’t so bad after all as I just learnt from all the bad. If you happen to be hosting an event, I think following 5 core rules should cover you. Continue reading

To Pop the Bubble!


{NOTE: A piece I had to write detailing the events that took place. It’s quite long, so bare with.}


“I only drink Champagne on two occasions, when I’m in love, and when I’m not.”

–        Coco Chanel

What would be my preferred Beverage? If you asked me two days ago, it would have been a good milkshake. A good milkshake is the perfect comfort, that something soothing you’d want at any time in the day. This isn’t about milkshakes, but about a notoriously bubbly beverage that stole me away from my beloved milkshakes sometime in the past week. Beverages are quite important to me, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, as a study in the culinary arts. Culinary arts seemed to have confused someone recently as it had to do with the art and science of everything concerned with food, and well beverage as I mentioned earlier. As a student, I get the perks of tasting sessions and much more. The most recent tasting was around that sparkly liquid popping from the Champagne region of France. You’d have to be a buffoon if you didn’t guess so by now, but if you are that rare ignorant baboon, I quite clearly am hinting at the prestigious champagne. Words never seem to come to a halt to describe this fascinating beverage that’s won countless hearts over.


The first time I sipped on Champagne was at a party, when I was quite young and absent-mindedly Continue reading



“An artist is never poor” – Babette

Our passion for food over the years has no bounds, painted on so many canvases and penned down in literary works. It’s certainly a joy to come across such delights that revolve around the culinary arts.  As modern as our day might be, we can’t leave our sapid instincts aside.

Last night, I took a seat as Babette’s feast  played on, a slight fear sinking in as the title was Babette’s Gaestebud. I have nothing against foreign movies with subtitles, though they do tend to steal focus off the film. After a long busy day, I’d like to watch the film and not read the script.  I was warned that the start would be a bit slow, but it wasn’t. I could have done without people laughing at the hymns in the beginning. A trait that pops up throughout the movie. It shares similarities with other food centred films such as ‘Chocolat’, where indulging our senses with food is viewed as a taboo, Satan’s temptation.

Credit: Anderson Mendonca

Blooming rosemary in the garden, credit’s to my cousin Andy.

So we’re exposed to Continue reading

Scarlet Rings

It's Red Velvet. Need I say more?

It’s Red Velvet. Need I say more?

Is it alright to go into depression for missing my doughnuts? 

A long journey to Bangalore, and though I didn’t get to meet one of my close friends [gave him a big boo! for that..], I did enjoy the three day’s spent there.  Eventful as they were, the first evening, was when I met with the now sorely missed red velvet doughnut. It was a night spent walking about the city, in hunger, waiting to eat something, while my pals searched for a decent pub. Continue reading

A Ravenclaw’s way to dine like Nemo


A world where it’s getting quite cloudy to find someone who understands and appreciates what they eat.

There's something about breasts...

There’s something about breasts…

Why do dishes call for particular ingredients? What is tradition? Why is a dish called what it is? Continue reading

One Pound more “ad induendum pondus!” – 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10

not what I ordered to sip on but it was good, really good!

not what I ordered to sip on but it was good, really good!

Day 6, 7, 8, 9 

The past days have been quite uneventful. Exhausting but fun. Each night ending with my mind turning paranoid. I’ve noticed that I’ve hardly paid any attention to what I’ve been eating. I’m going ahead and blaming it on the company around me. It is true, they’re quite a distraction. The Almighty Buttcrack as usual, cracking jokes as I finish each meal. Continue reading

French kissed by a potato



I recently indulged myself with a spoon of Pommes purée, and I for one have never experienced such tears of joy this presented me with.

The rush of emotions that flooded in me, it’s hard to describe. Continue reading

One Pound more “ad induendum pondus!” – 3, 4 & 5


Day 3

{A message from  here to there and everywhere: This is just one of my small adventures and I shall continue to share the other oddities around me. Part of the title “ad induendum pondus” is latin for “to put on weight”}

It was an amazing day, and yes I managed to finish everything off my plate for each meal. The day was fun but exhausting especially with the menu planning workshop I had to attend. Breakfast included pancakes with chocolate sauce, buttered toast and baked beans, a glass of orange juice and milk. Pancakes were hard to digest, which as always reminds me of a chef who said “its food for cattle and not for humans”, which stands true as it can’t be digested easily by our system. Continue reading