I dream of ice cream


{NOTE: Some men just want to watch the world burn, some just want to eat cinnamon buns and ice cream.}

I fell asleep in ice cream, twice this week.

The first time around, I had a nice episode of Doctor who playing and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ‘Half baked’ ice cream to myself before my roomies entered the house and woke me up. It worried me that I couldn’t remember when I passed out. The second time around, I was alone in the house yet again whilst my roomies left to pick up a few friends from the metro station and they came back to find me sleeping in an ice cream puddle on the bed. Not that bizarre as this isn’t the first time my friends have found me passed out with an open laptop else food around, but I tend to remember feeling sleepy, forcing myself to stay awake and to watch another episode or to read another article. However, this time I remember being wide awake, all cozy and planning everything I’d get done before sleeping and then just blank. Continue reading


Thoughts of an Absurd souffle


{I wandered about until I realized I was indeed, lost.

Is it the certainty of knowing the outcome of a recipe that puts it in favour over the choice of cooking the unknown? A trait amid mothers, grandmothers and the one or two men in the family who know how to cook without a recipe is that they always seem to have all the answers. I used to go berserk thinking about the uncertainty of the future before being reminded that I barely knew what the present day had in store for me. A death in the family definitely widened the realm of the unpredictable. However it was just that sudden shock that calmed the storm in my head. Standing still in fear of the unpredictable was nothing short of depriving myself of all that I could achieve. Take it as missing an opportunity to cook a good dish whilst surrounded with good ingredients. It’s better to have a baked souffle than have non, right?

I don’t know why I’m thinking about soufflés but my thoughts are all poofy now. Continue reading

Jukebox Conversations


{Hello Hello!}

If you didn’t mentally shout out ‘Hola!’, you probably missed an opportunity. Hi, today’s post is on greetings, not salutations and that awesome batman figurine is actually my friend, Vikram’s finding. Yes! Vikram is a real name.. To be more specific, turning those greetings into popular songs. As I’ve mentioned in a post lost somewhere on this blog (If it even is a blog), I have a habit of just singing a lyric or two, alright an entire verse followed by the chorus at any point of the day. No matter what the situation, there are some moments that I feel, need to be seized. Fortunately my friends either go along with it, or are just as normal as I am and do the same thing. During my internship, my friend/former roommate/colleague shared a bit of an obsession with Macklemore’s ‘Thrift shop‘. Who hasn’t? Well the general public I’m guessing. We’d sing it anytime someone would blurt, ‘What?’ and you sort of get the picture. Continue reading

Pineapples and Coconuts!


Hi there you, it’s another day, done with my work and I’m free to stay up all night as it is my off tomorrow! Great isn’t it? Well I require a good day of relaxation. The chefs had a meeting pop up out of the blue and well I was left to myself with a few cookies to wrap up. So as when I always do when I am in a room to myself, *oh not that!* I sing out loud and do the instruments to my music. Today it happened to be ‘the name game’ by Shirley Ellis. I did complete an ‘American Horror Story’ marathon a week ago and that song stuck with me. I rhymed as many names and some names weren’t meant to be rhymed, example my roomie and colleague’s nick name ‘Kappi’.

I wasn’t allowed Continue reading

Waiting for Mr. Sandman


It’s quite dark outside and seems like Mr. Sandman might be late, he might be warding off Pitch Black for all I know (Rise of the Guardians requires a sequel). To get creative ideas when I’m about to sleep, it’s good to ponder on, but I do want my sleep ever so badly. I’ve been working in the professional kitchen of a luxury hotel for quite a while now and as busy as it gets, I haven’t left without learning something new, cracking a smile and making people laugh. It’s dawned on me that the work load can take the fun out of people, and even in the bakery where we work with chocolate, cream and sugary delights, everyone’s just a grumpy mess. I can only do so much as to diffuse the tension. It’s a great experience, but I’ve asked myself one to many times whether this is where I want to work? Continue reading