Ssh… I’m sleeping!


[Note: I just opened up my set of watercolours to realize it didn’t come with a brush. *sigh*]

Hello. Like hello. That’s all I got to kickstart this post. *writing skills* So I’ve had a great week filled with a lot of Bollywood movies that have left me feeling ‘thodasa filmy’. So whilst my friends pleaded me to end this phase of ‘filmy’ me, I’m just loving it. Today I’m writing on the best ways to fall asleep. The bartender who call’s himself Jamie Lannister (Incest freak) suggested I write about sleeping without alcohol, but I overthought the entire thing whilst having my biscuits and tea at the bar and the little writings below is what I’ve gathered. This post would have been up much earlier if it wasn’t for the T-Rex.

Disclaimer: The rating system is solely based off personal experience and won’t necessarily work for you. You might disagree, I don’t know.

Texting (6/7) – Now to anyone who’s going to diss texting for real conversations, grow up. Working in the hospitality industry, I make do with any form of connecting with family and friends in the little wee time I get in any form possible. There very few exceptions, one includes writing letters to my pen pal and the other is emailing the T-rex cause the dino has an email address now. So texting someone I personally enjoy having short long talks with really sets the mood for a good nap. Even if the phone smacks down on me when I doze off, it’s all good. The downside to this is that sometimes it may lead to you staying up all night talking about important rubbish.cmuxbpy

Sex (*/7) – Since this is based off my personal opinion, I have no experience on the subject. However everyone who’s given me their insight on this post had varied views from the usual good to the body ache bad. However food and back massages work wonders. Not a fan of head massages with the aim of sleeping. I’ll update this on a future post. *snaps fingers*

The thing we don’t talk about (4/7) – For guys, it’s a common ‘go to’ tool, but not one that’s guaranteed to put you to sleep. The girls around me denied this technique. Though one did bring up a rather strange superstition which was really farfetched but I couldn’t find any evidence on the first page of google, so I just debunked it. This just reminded me of one of my favourite Seinfeld episodes, ‘The Contest’.


Shelter (4/7) – Setting up the room, drawing the curtains, fluffing up that pillow and setting the temperature. This really helps out, cause I’m a messy person, and those times I do clean up, it really feels good. Sitting on a bed with a mess around can set up some negativity that could all just be happening in your head, but why on Earth should that mean that it is not real? *Caught that reference?*


Ben and Jerry’s (7/7) – This is all based on personal experience with a little insight from everybody at the bar, but so far nothing’s put me to sleep like a good tub of Ben and Jerry’s. As noted a few posts back, I wound up falling asleep in the midst of eating my ice cream and watching a movie only to have my roomies wake me up. I don’t know… Though I’ve sadly given up on ice cream and dairy products alike as I’ve grown more lactose intolerant. *drinks chocolate milk*


Movie Marathons (3/7) – Series and Music loops are included in this. There’s nothing like planning a good marathon only to end up sleeping halfway out of boredom. There’s that funny part of our brain that gives up just as things get interesting. So I finally decided which movie to watch after an indecisive hour long argument between my brain and my heart. Brain picked ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, Heart picked ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban’. My heart won, that is until my brain pulled the plug and I was snoring past the opening credits. My heart stays up, pumping blood, looking forward to the day it gets to pull the plug. Not that I get a say in all of this since I’ll be dead obviously should my heart ever do such a thing but what was I talking about again? *I meant ‘Buffy the vampire slayer’ show, not the movie, which sort of makes me pick my heart  in this argument since it was an argument about which movie to watch and my brain springs a show…negative point for my brain*


ASMR (6/7) – You know that tingly sensation you get on the back of your neck, running down your spine when the barber trims your hair real close to your ears and you hear the scissors close in on each other or when someone used to write the alphabet on your back to kill the boredom. I didn’t know there was a definitive term for it other than ‘that tingly sensation’ but turns out it’s known as the ASMR effect. So ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridion Response, *a mouthful* and you can head onto YouTube where there are channels devoted to triggering the ASMR effect. The triggers vary for some and some don’t get it, but as far as I’m concerned, I particularly enjoy it. Maybe I wrote this entire post to enlighten you on ASMR, there’s all sorts of wild things that happen on this blog, one of them is learning. Though odds are that I’m concluding this post since it’s really late and the stars have gathered outside for a party I’m clearly too sleepy to attend.


So out of the many who contributed to this post, the one that cleared the air was the T-Rex who had this to say, “The sleep question reminds me of a cheesy line from Bollywood itself. “Sone ke liye, neend chahye hote hai”. Basically things like a comfortable bed, Ac, weed, alcohol are irrelevant when you’re just sleepy.” It’s self explanatory, but to those who don’t speak hindi, what he said was a little like ‘To sleep, you need to be sleepy’.

Now there’s alcohol, pills, that thing growing in the garden and other thingies that you could turn to for a good nights sleep, but they haven’t really worked for me and I haven’t tried them all. Having had the dreamy joy of writing this, Goodnight. Oh and tomorrow, the 8th of August is the T-Rex’s birthday. How exciting! Till the next post. *doing my dance*


P.S. – Why is it that a high number of people I know are in new relationships?
 P.P.S. – I’ve got my copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and it’s wonderful!!


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