I dream of ice cream


{NOTE: Some men just want to watch the world burn, some just want to eat cinnamon buns and ice cream.}

I fell asleep in ice cream, twice this week.

The first time around, I had a nice episode of Doctor who playing and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ‘Half baked’ ice cream to myself before my roomies entered the house and woke me up. It worried me that I couldn’t remember when I passed out. The second time around, I was alone in the house yet again whilst my roomies left to pick up a few friends from the metro station and they came back to find me sleeping in an ice cream puddle on the bed. Not that bizarre as this isn’t the first time my friends have found me passed out with an open laptop else food around, but I tend to remember feeling sleepy, forcing myself to stay awake and to watch another episode or to read another article. However, this time I remember being wide awake, all cozy and planning everything I’d get done before sleeping and then just blank.


The Force awakened this skinny boy and his appetite.

The past few weeks haven’t been the best, and I guess they took a toll on me which is why my body has just been calling quits as soon as I get on the bed. Just the same, I could have been on a wild adventure with a time lord and had to have had my memory wiped to keep my brain from exploding. Who is to say the latter isn’t true?

Gamora's pink head phones are playing a little Ben and Jerry's tonight...

Gamora’s pink head phones are playing a little Ben and Jerry’s tonight…

Barely learning from my past actions, I’ve made it a point to be certain that I’m going to stay up, and  to keep the tub aside should I feel drowsy. It’s a huge step and yes it does strike a chord to move the ice cream tub away, but some actions are necessary to keep things from getting messy. It’d be nice if I took that advice as I’m sitting here, with a new tub of Ben and Jerry’s ‘Cinnamon buns’ that’s leaving a ring impression on my blanket. It’s divine and almost over.

P.S. – I think I’d prefer the tub next to me with the chance of things getting messy, I’m washing the blankets and sheets anyway.

P.P.S. – I don’t know…


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