All that Gold!


{Note: I’m supposed to be working on a presentation on Italian Cheese.}

So 9Gag broke after the fresh section exploded over Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar making all prior memes about him not winning redundant. May they rest in peace. Though I the game below will die, it’s too hilarious with Lady Gaga bumping in, racing against Matt Damon and Michael Fassbender, jumping over icebergs and a whole lot more! Check it out.


I have to say it’s been a very joyful weekend, and I didn’t expect it to be. I was missing out on my graduation, something I’d been looking forward to but I surprisingly had the dates wrong. It was similar to having a band-aid ripped off as I was at work and found out that the ceremony had already begun. Now I knew I wasn’t attending the ceremony as I’m in a whole other country, but then I did mentally prepare myself for the feels and nostalgia. Sadly I was mentally prepared for the wrong day. No biggie though as I had a number of amazing friends shout out praise in the most chaotic manner. Can’t sound more obnoxious and self praising than I already have, but I did score a first class degree and a few other awards. Think it’s alright to have my head in the clouds.

Think the above perfectly depicts my reaction. I wasn’t entirely happy as the two people I initially revealed the news to, Mr Potato head being one of them, blew it off quite rudely. However the past two days, the amount of positive support I’ve received from everyone, some I’ve barely kept in contact with has been overwhelming.

In other news, I was in tears laughing at this hilarious interview with Adele that I came across the other day.

Oh and you have to applaud Leonardo DiCaprio’s speech, bringing up climate change and how we shouldn’t take our Planet for granted when he had everyone’s attention, no better moment. Here I am treating myself to icecream sundaes, waffles and brownies and trying to catch up on my sleep. This post is redundant!

P.S. – I made it into a newspaper and they spelled my name wrong.


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