Stupid pigeons!


Hello! *sighs*

Adele’s sort of ruined that greeting. Can’t really say it without the rest of the song playing through. It’s been roughly over two months since I’ve moved away from home and settled down in Dubai. In all honesty I could have written up a post at any point since I had the WiFi set up but procrastination got the better of me. Not really sure where this post is heading. I could talk about ‘Hello’. At my new workplace, I’ve said it so frequently that they’ve all (most of the staff) started inserting humorous follow ups. I’ve said it in one of my previous posts, that sometimes the best thing to do is to let loose and amuse yourself by saying hello to something as stationary as a tree. They’ve all taken heed to that, which is a lot of fun.

Burrhus Frederic Skinner (1904 – 1990), a behavioral psychologist above all else put forth the principle of reinforcement, wherein free will was an illusion and everything was a matter of consequence of previous actions. I came across his work in my elder sister’s psychology textbook, since I read every other book in the house (including answering those quizzes in my sister’s cosmopolitan magazines) and was trying to keep myself from pretending to know a person, after having read just one psychology textbook. Quite a task I tell you. Well a few years later I watched a show on Discovery Science, cause at that time, it had some of the better shows on TV (Burn Notice, blech) until it became repetitive. Well they covered Skinner’s experiment with pigeons which according to his wiki page was one of his favourite animals to experiment with, and another useless fact is that pigeons happen to be one of the few things that scare the crap out of the coffee girl. Oh how I missed writing.

So the pigeon experiment revolved around pigeons in a cage displaying superstitious behaviour to get food. Food was let into the cage at odd intervals, however the pigeons seemed to repeat actions such as walking counter clockwise or cocking their head at a certain corner of the cage in order to get food since it was something they did the first time food was let into the cage. It’s something I guess everyone can relate to from putting the left sock on first or taking a particular route to a destination with the belief that things will turn out alright or as expected. Well I have to confess that I put my left sock on first and tie my right shoe on after both socks are up cause I think it’s about equality and I don’t want either of my feet to feel bad that I pick one over the other.*The left one tends to sleep more often*

Proceeding to what Skinner and his experiments have to do with anything I have to say. I was quite vary about Adele’s song, and this might be a bit superstitious but here’s a question for you, the delightful reader with nothing better to do. Have you ever had a song influence the way your day proceeds? It’s quite subjective, so I’ll be a bit more specific. Paying attention to the lyrics of a song, do you find that the coming future always reflects what’s literally stated in the song? A bit bonkers? (More like too many questions!)

I’ll take into example, Adele’s new single, ‘Hello’ (can you hear me?). It’s sort of amusing cause in my first two weeks here I had a rough time with whatsapp and messenger calls only to find out that such calls are scrambled up in the UAE since it violates certain regulations etc. So the coffee girl, Mr Potato head and a number of others would unsuccessfully call only to repeat, ‘can you hear me’ or ‘I can’t hear anything, nothing! Nothing is coming’ which was reminiscent of Russel Peter’s joke on his Dad. This would be hilarious if not a tad bit amusing if you knew the joke, else just nodded and went along reading. But to provide some context, which isn’t something I really do, I’ll post a link right about here.

Well I strayed a bit, but back to Adele’s new single, ‘Hello’, which I am fond of since first listening to it 14 weeks ago. I stopped listening to it after about 20 odd loops since I paid attention to the lyrics and it was just something about what I had mentioned earlier that made me close the youtube tab. I was leaving for Dubai a week after the song released and Mr Potato head was travelling from his home city to meet me. So the reason I stopped listening to the song was a silly superstition wherein I believed the lyrics would come true. Well Mr Potato head, offered his own thoughts last week after shaking his head, thoughts which were one’s I’ve had when trying to apply some logic to something as odd as music altering reality. One of them was that music and lyrics just influence the way we look at everything around us. Say for example, if something tragic were to happen whilst we’re hooked to a particular song, we’re thereafter thrown into that same state the next time we listen to that particular song. Well it’s true; play a Vengaboy’s or ABBA track and I’m immediately at every party I’ve attended when I was younger than 7 years old.

(Mental break to watch this colourful trailer!)

So I segregate my music, ones’ wherein I relive events, emotions and all that drama, and one’s which influence the way things go. They all have an expiry date which explains why I don’t listen to the one’s that are all happy and full of luck constantly. I could say that I get bored of listening to the same tracks over and over, but everyone who know’s me or has been around when I’m acting DJ for the night knows that I rarely complete a track. I tend to get bored and skip through my playlist. All this sounds a bit silly, but I’ve rambled on more doltish thoughts.

So I threw my hands in the air, took Mr Potato head’s advice and played every devastating track I dreaded which included ‘Hello’. One of my friends who looks a lot like a ninja turtle, shared a funky live version of ‘Hello’ performed on Jimmy Kimmel which I prefer over the original cause live is always better. Alas a week later, Mr Potato head and his actions resulted in something very similar to what’s relayed in ‘Hello’. Well not a thousand calls but it was getting there. I’ve tried reasoning it out, but the way everything escalated, it all felt a bit too familiar to say that the music I listened to didn’t play a part in what went down. Or it might just be my psychic prowess growing stronger. Anyway, it’s been a blissful few weeks up until I was thrown into a series of panic attacks and frivolous depression. I’m above it now thanks to my kind friends, but it’s like the crappy part in the Deathly Hallows where Ron abandons Hermione and Harry (the weight of carrying the hocrux having taken a toll on him), I’ve just got to keep moving forward.

There’s people who are afraid of pigeons and then there’s people like Skinner…Source:

For the time being, Happy New Year to all my dear readers. It’s a bit late, but recently I spent an entire day chatting with one of my Polish friends without a clue that it was his birthday that day. Found out the next day. Point being that I procrastinate more often than I’d like to admit. I actually wrote this post 7 weeks ago. I can say I’m very honest. It’s not like I left the Christmas decorations up, though sometimes it’s just fun to have the Christmas lights up, they bring such joy!

Quite a long post, but there’s so much I’ve got to spill on. I chatted with another good friend of mine recently only to find out that it was his birthday.

P.S. – The Flash has returned! The excitement! 


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