The Overgrown Bat – Severus Snape


Severus Snape was not my favourite character from the Harry Potter series. He was scounful, bitter and unempathetic. Sure towards the end of the series, a few glimpses into his past offered some reasoning towards his current demeanor but excercising contempt on the child of someone who bullied him in the past is juvenile. Emphasis on ‘CHILD‘! A grown up who served Dumbledore as a rogue agent under the Dark Lord settled to exert his time on bullying young children. Poor Neville Longbottom, who might have improved on his potions had he not been picked on. Honestly, I think all Potterheads can agree on facing a particular teacher with the same character traits in school or college. They’ve got the knowledge, but they’d rather talk about the poor attributes of the pupils in class.

In short I disliked Severus on many levels. He was brave with all the risks he took, but if he hadn’t found out that Lily Potter was a target, he wouldn’t have approached Dumbledore for help. He would have continued on as a Death Eater. Even Rowling pointed out that Lily and Severus might have had a chance if he wasn’t drawn to the Dark Arts. So it’s his choices that lead him to his bitter life. Killing Dumbledore with the knowledge that no one would know what really happened was the only brave act he commited.

So I have great disdain for book Snape, as complex as a character he turned out to be. However it was Alan Rickman’s portrayal of the overgrown bat that earned a slight fondness for Snape. It’s by default to picture him whilst reading Snape’s quotes; his voice, expressions and a bonus feature – to watch him sigh. He’s obviously acted in other movies, prominently Die Hard and Love Actually, but he owned Snape and it brings great sorrow to hear about his death. We lost our master to Potions, occlumency, Defense Against the Dark Arts and sighing. May he rest in peace, always.

P.S. – Turn to page 394.


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