I scream ‘STELLA!’


{NOTE: I really want that BB-8 droid}

I just found out that ‘Moshi Moshi’ is a greeting over the phone in Japan and that it is used to get a person’s attention. Eek. I got into the habit of saying ‘Mushy Mushy’ a few months ago since I felt it was the right term to replace my previous word of choice, kee‘. If I were on top of a hill and was asked to let out all my anger, I’d scream, not curse. Point one being that cursing requires some amount of thinking and I’d be stuck over thinking the foulest thing to say rather than focusing on letting out my anger. The next point being that this one anime (The Girl from hell) really spooked the crap out of me about curses.

Why am I talking about screaming on top of a hill? I’m not sure myself, but let’s just stick with it. It’s just relieving at times to be Neanderthal, to let go of responsibility and just let loose. I’m still not over my birthday chocolate being stolen, a bit immature, but that was the one good thing that I’d been saving up for a bad time and some monkey stole it.

*Think about Ross and his Sandwich*

Well similarly at times of awkwardness or just the general thrill of a good conversation, wherein I find it is suitable to let out a sound that’s encapsulates my emotions at the time. I could use words from the English dictionary, but I find them to be too ridged. Then there are just times of silence in a group when everyone’s distressed and a sound really does help diffuse the tension. I’ve actually had conversations wherein I’ve just used these sounds with different tones and facial expressions. Similar to Groot but not like Groot, cause “I am Groot” is just too long. Wall-E would be a better example.

Then there are times wherein I just couldn’t pass out on a good chance. One pie recently had a drink named ‘Stella’ (gin or beer, forgot which one) and did absolutely nothing about it. He has watched Seinfeld, and I know the scene’s been reenacted in a number of shows and movies other than Seinfeld, but Elaine does it the best. Who wouldn’t exclaim, ‘Stella!’ when given the opportunity?

What am I talking about?

I haven’t the slightest idea.

P.S.- I was elsewhere this week finding my best friend, getting emotionally attached to trivial things. Stella!


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