Hagrid’s Patronus


The majority of the fandom is upset, and even more find it hard to believe that it’s true. I don’t find any issues with believing what she said. It’s a difficult spell. I’d suggest reading ‘The Prisoner of Azkaban‘ and relive the exhausting task of barely conjuring up a shield. In the ‘Order of the Phoenix‘, it’s a much easier task for quite a few in the D.A.; the movie made it seem even easier, but even Harry pointed out that in the presence of a dementor, it would be extremely difficult to conjure up a shield of a patronus, forget a corporeal one.

Now Hagrid’s earned a soft spot since the very beginning, however evidence points that he wasn’t quite adept with his wand. Sure, he could light a fireplace or hex Dudley’s buttocks, but remember him trying(failing) to cast a simple mending charm (Reparo) when the blue side car was hanging onto Sirius’s flying motorbike. I’m sure he has a ton of happy memories to those fans who stated that the inability to conjure a patronus implies that one doesn’t have any happy memory.

“That’s very, very advanced magic” – Hermione Granger

It’s a complex spell, like getting the right crust for an apple pie. Remember Hermione and Ron, both failed to keep their patronus alive against the swarm of Death Eaters in the Deathly Hallows. Another point is that his wand isn’t mended, though I think if Harry’s wand was mended quite nicely by the Elderwand, one which was previously owned by Dumbledore, I can’t see why Hagrid’s couldn’t be.

Rubeus Hagrid is an adorable yet bold character, one of my favourites. Remember Dumbledore trusted him with his life. McGonagall took stunning spells to the chest defending him. Even Voldemort kept him alive in the forest whilst he waited for Harry. Though I think Voldy was sadistic in torturing a person rather than killing them. No wonder he liked Bellatrix. The point being that Hagrid is a lovable good character, but he isn’t perfect. He is not proficient in using his wand *insert joke here*, though I hardly think that matters to him as much as dangerous magical creatures do. So calm down. It’s alright. I can now eat my dinner.

P.S.- I couldn’t stop myself from writing this after reading the response to the tweet. Like wake up potterheads, read the books again, maybe? 

P.P.S. – In hindsight I must quote Hagrid, “I should not have said that, I should not have said that!


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