The Choir Girl Who Went Horribly, Desperately Wrong.


Florence and the Machine

{I found a clean sheet of paper and a sharp pencil}

Everybody recommends good music according to their taste. To come across music so abstract and individual is a tardy task. The first song I stumbled upon on my sister’s playlist was ‘The Bird Song‘.

I found myself drowning as the harp strings were plucked. Each beat calling on spirits unheard of.

I played another track, and fell into a darkness; a darkness I enjoyed. There was something raw about her music that kept me grounded.


Each track spoke of a story, ones that required a little hopping and ones that sparked goosebumps as they unfolded.

I kept falling, and then fell some more until her voice carved a niche in my heart. Her music, clinging to the strings of memories, never letting go.


It’s overwhelming to know that I’m alive whilst she breathes. Most legends are those long gone. Only their work left behind.

I have a word to keep with myself, that I will watch her sing live one day. A word that haunts me.

P.S. – I’m going to be moving to a new city. Kee! I’m going to need a better camera.


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