People of Colour


{You might be offended}

In order to have some context for the following, you might want to read this fabulous buzzfeed post —

Click right here.

Here I present to you that butt hurt person, nitpicking to find the silliest flaw in just about anything; not just Harry Potter. If they bothered to read the books, or take away their shallow view of the movies, they’d realize that this series teaches a lot about discrimination, acceptance and much more. On another point, I read the books before the movies released. What I admired about the movies was their exceptional casting, from Hermione, Umbridge and Luna to freaking Cho and the Patel twins. But above all, the most important point is that…

‘People of Colour’, are people!

Singling them (people of colour) out is a bit discriminating. I apologize if I just see them as characters, aren’t they supposed to be fictional characters? It’s like Dumbledore being gay, it didn’t contribute to the story in an important manner, hence it was left out. It showed the character as a complex person in many other ways, but most importantly, that he was a person nonetheless. Stop looking for reasons to be offended.

Should writers now include every freaking type of person in their stories? If I were to write an autobiography, do I have to have a thai best friend and a step brother who’s Australian? Should I be petitioning for more ‘People of colour’ to be included in Bollywood films? I don’t know why Bollywood films have so many Indians.

*Pointless rant is making my brain hurt*

It seems like everyone’s just looking out for a reason to be offended. It seems to be affecting a lot of creative writing and art. I indulge in people who don’t set out to please everyone with what they have to offer. However blindly mocking anyone’s work without any context, is a bit irrational and sadistic. I’m glad that the buzzfeed article indicates that the majority of people agree that it’s a fail.

P.S. – I have to try to sleep now. 

P.P.S. – Another midnight post. Odd. I’m still eating dinner. My hair isn’t looking too good.


2 thoughts on “People of Colour

  1. thefeatheredsleep

    It would only offend if the reader was sleep walking…. Otherwise they’d tell you it was so true and you are brilliant.

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