How to avoid kissing a Dementor!


{Note: I wrote this to help out a friend in need. I hope that it helps out anyone out there. Meep!}

Started on a doodle

Started on a doodle.

*I may have to rethink that title.*

Whenever something doesn’t go my way, or it’s like all odds are against me, I get a bit competitive with myself to do better. Then there are those situations wherein there seems to be no escape, that sinking feeling of fear. The evil in it was that it could strike at any point. A bright day filled with trivial conversations, good food and just when you least expect it, there arises that familiar feeling that sprouts about insecurities and the cons of every decision you’ve made, the cons of your goals and aspirations start weighing down on you.

It’s horrible and quite the hurdle to overcome. I don’t like referring to it as depression, cause that really does sound depressing. I prefer reenacting it as having been attacked by a dementor. To quote Dr Sheldon Cooper, “What’s life without whimsy?” My usual way to get rid of that sinking feeling was to help others, and whilst I was in college, it was pretty easy as everyone needed help with an assignment or so, a way to distract myself and focus on everyone else’s problems. It was a good remedy for the most part, something that helped me sleep.

{One can never go wrong by listening to Florence + the Machine}

The most common remedy suggested by my friends is “focus on the good“. Firstly, as having survived an attack by a dementor, there is no ‘good‘ to focus upon around, it’s like every happy memory is somehow a sad one. I say ‘focus on the good’ whenever someone points out the mistakes in a restaurant’s menu or a tv show that I like. This scenario however is completely different.

Usually, talking about anything in general works. It’s not the easiest thing to do. I mean one is quite vulnerable at that point, and usually it seems like no one understands. So contrary to popular belief, people are good at heart, and anyone should be able to help you through it, but I’d suggest someone you know rather than a complete stranger.

Having something to eat is generally good, and my best friends always have a snickers bar, cookies and at one point even cereal and milk. As I enjoy eating anything comforting, food really helps. However it’s not for everyone, for some it’s shooting hoops, getting a good nights sleep, music, a long walk, reading a good book, watching a movie, working out and the list goes on. Everyone’s individual in that sense.

There’s no snapping out of it, as far as I know. It’s more about getting through a phase. So any quick remedy like drinking it off or forcing yourself to laugh is just ignorance. It only helps dig a deeper hole. It’s tough to admit it, but the simple way through is admitting that there’s a dementor around and that you’re vulnerable. I dwell on my own thoughts and get in on a conversation with myself. I accept the deep pile of crap it feels like I’m in, and as much as I like to resolve issues, there are a few issues that cannot be resolved. It’s a task to accept it.

Make a plan, on what you have to do. Whenever I’ve had a dementor follow me, I’d lose focus on the tasks at hand which seemed to be too much. Tackle that with a simple plan, compartmentalize everything that needs to be done at various periods. If you don’t have any task at hand, make goals for yourself. An active mind usually attracts wrackspurts which make your brain fuzzy enough to ward off dementors.

{Sia apparently wrote this whilst dealing with her own dementor}

There’s a certain stigma placed on anyone followed by a dementor, a double standard of sorts since everyone has their own way of dealing with it. Some are quite private, some are openly vulnerable and some people do some nasty stuff just because of being bullied around and due to the stigma that’s placed on what they’re going through. Firstly almost everyone gets attacked by a dementor, Jared Padalecki proves that with his campaign, “Always keep Fighting“.  Secondly, follow Ellen’s words of wisdom, “Be kind to one another.”

In other news India celebrated it’s 69th Independence day. We’ve had quite a few achievements under our belt, but I find that there’s a lot of ignorance on all that is going wrong with the country. I’ve got to start cooking dinner, so that’s all I have for you to read today. A way of getting out of a serious topic. Keee and I’m out!

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