Sitting Tight


{The Beatles song at the end of this post is stuck in my head!}

Hello there! I’ve postponed my daily chores till this post is written and up for you (kee!) to read. That title, I’d do anything to get out of doing my chores. They can wait. Whilst I’m on that topic, I recently had to wait around an hour for my friends to show up at a spot that they decided upon. Is that sentence correct? I don’t know. What I do know is that even though I walked around in circles completely lost, I still managed to make it on time. I waited, and then waited some more. I realized that this isn’t the first time I’ve had to wait for everyone to show up. This isn’t college where a party is said to start at 4 pm but then 4 pm really means it starts around 7 pm, which is when everyone shows up. Nope, we’re definitely out of college with a busy schedule that involves watching Ellen and sleeping. [Context: we had a curfew at 9 pm which required us back in our dorms, so any party had to be before 9 pm.]

So there I was waiting under the roof of a store I had no interest in entering whilst it started to rain, and no that didn’t make it any worse. I love the rains. I’ll take anything that cools this city down. *Phew!* Now obviously I wasn’t mad or ticked off that no one was there on time, what annoys me is someone giving me wrong directions, especially after a tedious day of walking about. Turned a bit red. A few deep breaths. On with the post. So I tend to keep myself busy whenever I wait for someone. One of my best friends who’s in a whole other country was in the same situation, though he got pretty mad. Could tell that he turned red from his texts, and since he’s Indian, that would make him a Red Indian in the States. No, I’m not laughing either. Alright I am.

So here are a few things that you could do if you ever are one of those punctual people just waiting for everyone to turn up: 

Text a friend who isn’t in anyway involved in these plans. I usually text one friend in particular who’s pretty used to it by now. Mention everything, from entering how many minutes have past since you’ve arrived, to that wrapper of chewing gum you spot next to that pigeon trying to eat it. Pigeons are stupid. Though don’t underestimate a pigeon, remember the one that attacked Phoebe? I know of a coffee addict who’s particularly scared of pigeons.

Walk about the vicinity if you are in someway informed by text or call that it’s going be a while before anyone shows up. I’m the sort of person that likes moving about, like I tend to swing from side to side without knowing even whilst I’m sitting. This isn’t possible everywhere,  cause I’ll agree that some places are quite boring, and then it depends on the time and situation, mumble mumble mumble. General rule is to pick a really good spot, like the one we’d come to agree upon was in Bandra, and even after we were done eating, we headed out to a completely different place for dessert. Say Churros!

Pull out your head set and play some music. I generally don’t like doing this, especially when I’m out. I don’t know, if I’m travelling or walking anywhere, I tend to listen to some music. However for the majority of the time, I like to dwell on my own thoughts, imagine what Ellen and I would be talking about *imaginary talk show host in my head*, pit two characters against each other in a death match, replay scenes from movies and imagine them being done better, conjure up better comebacks for arguments of the past, take the stage like Florence and run about, wonder if robots would kills us because to them, they just don’t see things the way we do. Like have you ever looked up at the night sky to spot an amazing view of the moon and whipped out your phone to click a snap which is turns out pathetic. No matter how much you zoom in or out to focus it, the picture is just absolute crap? Well maybe robot’s think it’s absolute crap as well which is probably why the sky is blocked out in the real world in the Matrix trilogy. Ofcourse not, the humans did that so the machines wouldn’t power their cells via solar energy, which backfired as they started using humans as batteries. What was I talking about again?

*Gathering my thoughts*

Dwell on your own thoughts. Point covered. Skipping to the next point, eat something. Since I was already outside a sandwich shack, I got myself a cheesecake milkshake and hearty sandwich loaded with cheese, fries, butter and meat. I’m eating a chocolate swiss roll at the moment from a patisserie near my house, so I don’t mind talking about food. Ofcourse eat light, if everyone is gathering to eat out. If you’re like me and it doesn’t affect your appetite, eat on! Oh, the Parsi (another best friend) just pointed out that she listens to the Beatles to pass the time.

Get better friends. I’m joking. This doesn’t really apply, cause everyone has their flaws. This isn’t really a flaw, especially in Mumbai knowing the over crowded streets and traffic jams, it’s quite understandable. Everything doesn’t work out as expected, and it’s all a matter of prioritizing what’s important. Am I making any sense? I should have probably written about how to avoid such situations. I’ll save that for another post. These are just a few pointers on how to kick one’s heels in what could turn out to be an annoying situation. Just don’t get annoyed, make the best of the situation you’re in, you might just end up having a blast! *Might* Or end up with free crab cakes.

P.S. – I dreamed about dragons, garlic bread, the rain and punching a good friend for setting himself up for heart ache yet again, only to wake up as I punched the wall. Yes I have a bruised fist.

P.P.S. – Thanks for reading. Next post will be out in three days! 


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