The day I lost wandering


{Beware: A lot of selfies}

Hello there, I just found a whole new set of editing features in my tool bar. I’ve always been bugged by the absence of any text justification, and well, I can’t describe the satisfaction of finally having it all aligned. It’s like finding new stationary. It’s going to take a while to get over it. Look at these coloured fonts! Aside from that, in my weekly update, I attended a dessert pop up that was truly disappointing. The upside was meeting up with two friends who managed to make it. My previous post covered the disappointment that all of us felt regarding the event.


Former roomie who loves miley. Might. I’m not sure.

After a particularly bad whiskey ice cream, we took off for McDonalds. Yes judge me, not them, as I’m the one who suggested it and convinced them the same. What?! They were giving out Minion toys, and I like collecting toys for unresolved childhood issues, deal with it. I’m joking obviously, but it’s one of my faults, and something I love my friends for. Atleast the one’s who go out of their way to get a Happy meal toy, the cool one’s which are now sort of an urban legend at McDonalds. The last “cool” toy they released were the minions the year before last. Think I’ve gone off topic.

*Gathering my thoughts*

So we arrived at McDonalds only to find it crowded. It only took one of us to suggest we go drinking instead to change out minds. Off we went walking to a sandwich shack of sorts, ‘Between Breads’. A place noted for their Archie comic collection and upon my last visit, I lifted up a fake lettuce leaf which was part of the decor only to find something quite other worldly down there. So we took our seats and read the menu, noting the absence of any alcohol, but they did have milkshakes. A cheesecake milkshake, like take two lovelies, bring them together and bow down in their holy grace. I had the last time I ate at the shack and it really was something. I really really really liked it. Now I’ve got Carly Rae Jepsen playing.

We departed from the shack for another hub nearby that we all knew had liquor on the menu. As all of us have worked for restaurants, we realized that we became the very people we despised. Truth be told, we didn’t really think about it all that much. So the new hub, ‘Eddies’ turned out to be quite nice. We weren’t aiming to get drunk, but rather to just enjoy each others company. It had been too long since we had all met. So whilst they had beers, I had a milkshake called Berry Magic. It was way too good, and to make it even more fun, a remix of ‘Get Lucky’ was on the radio. It’s just code between friends, that when our jam starts playing, we’ve got to stop everything. In the case of ‘Get Lucky‘, we started singing whilst doing a small shuffle in our seats. Such fun!

Former Roomie

Might be.

It was at that very point when I received a call from a very dear friend who was still on her way to the event and with everything that happened, it slipped my mind that I told her we’d be waiting there *I’m a jerk*. It was all good as there was too much traffic, and she had a wedding to attend later on as well. My conscience is clear! We lost our short friend at the train station and the two of us headed to St. Regis, though it isn’t officially the St. Regis until September. We met up with more friends who were working there and finally made it to the Harry Potter event.


Arrived a bit late though it did give me the chance to tell them that perhaps a map might have been useful (Reference: Harry’s first class). I was asked to read the letter, a bit out of breath and a little taken aback by the kind words the librarian had to offer whilst introducing me. A quiz, a few shared experiences and a bloody brilliant cake after, we headed back to St Regis, to meet up with yet another friend. It was really more than what I had planned for the day, not that I didn’t enjoy meeting him. His head chef even cooked us a lovely meal on the house, and with all the travel and social mingling, it was gladly welcomed.


Nope, this post get’s even longer. The two of us, headed out to the T-rex’s new apartment in the city. Remember the T-rex? It’s been so very long. 1 hour of walking on the wrong path and frustrated conversations over bad directions, we finally arrived. It wasn’t much other than catching up on what everyone’s been upto. I did get into a conversation which concluded with the theory that everyone is a hooker and a bet that googling “moist, thrust and pudding” wouldn’t get any dirty results. It didn’t, but the T-rex did point out that the recent ban on porn in India (of all things) might have had something to do with it. Well it didn’t.

P.S. – Thanks for reading, cause that was quite a lot to read. As usual I don’t know, what I do know is that the ban has been lifted. Doodah! *hides*



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