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{Hello Hello!}

If you didn’t mentally shout out ‘Hola!’, you probably missed an opportunity. Hi, today’s post is on greetings, not salutations and that awesome batman figurine is actually my friend, Vikram’s finding. Yes! Vikram is a real name.. To be more specific, turning those greetings into popular songs. As I’ve mentioned in a post lost somewhere on this blog (If it even is a blog), I have a habit of just singing a lyric or two, alright an entire verse followed by the chorus at any point of the day. No matter what the situation, there are some moments that I feel, need to be seized. Fortunately my friends either go along with it, or are just as normal as I am and do the same thing. During my internship, my friend/former roommate/colleague shared a bit of an obsession with Macklemore’s ‘Thrift shop‘. Who hasn’t? Well the general public I’m guessing. We’d sing it anytime someone would blurt, ‘What?’ and you sort of get the picture.

I’m advising you to google ‘Vertigo – U2‘. I know, you’ve heard the song before, but if you aren’t singing it anytime someone greets you with a ‘hello’, well then either you’ve lost all the whimsy in you or my screws have come lose, haven’t they!? My best friend who’s grown accustomed to my talent of turning greetings into song sort of walked into this one by sending me ‘Hello, Hello’ via messenger. Yes it’s a talent, a made up one, but aren’t they all? *Rubbish*

True Story!

True Story!

Ofcourse I continued singing it, and was pleased to see him turn it into a duet, until we realized we’re both singing two completely different tracks. It was a nice start to the day with my brain setting the bar real low. I knew I was going to accomplish just about nothing. I did a whole lot last week, which should be up in my next post, since I’m in denial about the fact that I might be procrastinating. Could I make my sentences even longer? I don’t know.

Funny memory that surrounds the song, ‘vertigo’ is that my cousin was really afraid. Not afraid to listen to the song, but to actually wear the headset thinking it might blow his ears off. Ofcourse this was back when I was listening to the song constantly on my brother’s walkman around 12 or 13 years ago. Geez, I used to go bonkers at the age of 7 thinking about how 8 years ago, I didn’t even exist. A little dark and a bit too deep *insert a that’s what she said joke here*.

Getting back to twisting greetings into music, it’s child’s play with ‘Hello’, and let’s not forget, ‘Hey!’ (Blurred lines – Robin Thicke). It’s a sick contagion that I’m sharing with you. As the track is usually stuck in my head until thinking about ‘in my head’ finally leads me to ‘Zombie – the Cranberries‘. Isn’t that fun, a band named Cranberries. Cranberries, think I should say it one last time to get it out of my system, ‘Cranberries!’.

A picture a certain parsi friend sent.

A picture a certain parsi friend sent.

Then there are atypical greetings centered around events and nicknames. Mine happens to be a really easy one, and it started out with one pal and has now spread to quite a few. So this one pal, who is also joining me on the trip to Dubai started singing the chorus to ‘Ruby – the Kaiser Chiefs‘ and well it was only normal to respond to “Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!” with “AAAaaaAAh!” This is possibly the worst I’ve written in a while, and for some reason I feel the need to compete with that. Do listen to Ruby, it’ll provide some context (For any noob, my name’s Reuben, so Ruby is the first ‘go-to’ nickname. Ruby booby, usually the second). I don’t think there’s any other context that’s to be provided here, is there?

The Squib just greeted me in this manner which was fortunate, cause I had one of those moments where I was thinking about something and then it’s like someone placed a confundus charm over me. It usually happens whilst I’m about to share those thoughts with someone, or something bizzare happens that just throws me off balance. I name this part of the post, getting lost somewhere between something and someone. 

Hello, I love you – the Doors‘ is a song I don’t spring onto just about any friend. It’s usually a song I use to cheer someone up. The aim is to get a stupid laugh, which it does. There are a ton of songs that one can just turn a greeting into, some of them barely share a connection with the greeting, but as long as it’s a pointless funny shenanigan, it’s alright. You have my approval. Characters bursting into song in bollywood films doesn’t seem that far fetched right now. *I’m concerned too.*

P.S. – I’ve got wrackspurts in my head, whizzing about. This post is ridiculous, but I thought it’s worth sharing.

P.P.S. – The song’s have been linked, so there’s really no need to hit a search. Bless me for making it convenient, or follow on for more chaotic posts. I really don’t know.


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