Owl Post!


{A letter I wrote to J.K.Rowling as part of an event celebrating her birthday as well as Harry’s}

Dear J.K.Rowling,

I’m sure you will have read better letters than the one you’re about to read, and will have had received praise much more significant than what I have to offer, but I can assure that the gratitude I have towards you is genuine and all that I have to give you.

It’s amuses me to remember that the first time I came across ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone’ at a friends house, he wouldn’t let me touch it. It confused me, for each time I came across the books that released thereafter, there was always someone to keep it away from me. Including my sisters, who I love dearly but at the time would keep it wherever they went and read it. I borrowed the book from a nearby library a little while after my mum passed away and it was just us four children looking out for ourselves. It wasn’t only Harry, but almost every character in the book that I grew up with, the characters who helped me make sense of the world, of myself and whose stories comforted me.

I took an immediate liking for Hermione, and I’ve always returned to the books to seek inspiration, cause I’m still confused about one too many things. I found a great appreciation for accepting people and showing kindness. My friends say it’s who I am, but I owe a great deal to the stories you penned down for honing the person I am today. I write, I cook professionally, I drink a lot of milkshakes and do a lot of things. So I thank you for all that you are doing, for if it wasn’t the Harry Potter series, I’d still be lost. It’s not only about me, but the people I’ve met, who’ve been with Harry from the beginning, they are truly exceptional. I can only send a warm hearty mental hug and soft sound of glee that you might just be reading this.


Reuben Y Moraes

I was a bit hesitant to share this letter with everyone, cue vulnerability. I didn’t even know I’d be asked to speak at the event, little alone move people to tears. Since I’ve already shared it with quite a few, I think it’s about time I shared it with you who are reading it right now. There’s a lot more I could have mentioned in the letter however I deemed it better that I shouldn’t. I don’t know. What I do know is that those mental hugs are really something , not everybody gets them. Oh, and I’ve got to collect a new book from the library, still uncertain as to which one. Till the next post. Kee!

P.S. – Think the heavy rains out here might be a toll on the owl. Here’s hoping it delivers safely!  


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