To Kill an Obsession


{Sleep deprived}

I haven’t slept in the past 24 hours now, not that I’m up to any good. That’s my roomie in the picture and that’s either the hand of glory else a chicken foot impersonation. I had utterly done nothing substantial and just called it a dull day. An episode or two of friends, and I was ready to sleep cause well I almost dozed off midway through eating my rice. I made my bed all comfy, closed the kitchen and soaked some beans to be cooked for today’s lunch. Tardy tasks I tell you and midway through shutting my tabs I receive a message from the T-rex regarding the different storylines attributed to the Joker and Batman. It spurred me a bit, as I kept enforcing him to watch else read ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ since he’s begun taking a deeper interest into comic books (Batman specifically) and well I believe if you’re getting into something, you might as well go deep into it (Don’t! Nasty).

As soon as I like something, or take a deep interest in it, I tend to learn as much as I can on it and anything minutely related to it. Now, he, the T-rex terms it as obsessive, but I dislike that terminology. Maybe cause it’s often used to describe one’s infatuation with something or someone. That right there is a bit annoying, since there’s a clear difference between infatuation and obsession. Not to mention there is a slight stigma affiliated with one being obsessive.

An update on Po's Hamsters.

An update on Po’s Hamsters.

So what really woke me up though was that he started watching anime. One anime, but that’s like a gateway drug. Anime happens to be one of the best forms of entertainment out there, for one there are stories that just can’t be depicted or translated well through real cinema, which creates a particular niche that’s just extremely wild. It’s not cartoons, it’s anime! A majority of them depict the various aspects of Japanese culture which makes just about every anime fan I know, myself included want to travel to Japan. One of my friends, quite similar to Patrick the Starfish actually took classes to learn Japanese. It’s that exciting!

Make what you want of it.

Make what you want of it.

Is it wrong to be obsessive? A big question with a lot of answers. As long as it’s not harming anyone I guess not, it can be a bit disturbing. I can name an obsession that each of my friends have, some mutual, but the ones that aren’t I tend to find a bit disturbing but that’s usually cause I don’t really understand it and they can say the same about my fandom. In a nutshell obsessive people are just passionate about something, and if you aren’t well you’re just one crazy day away from going bonkers over something, it could be just about anything. A musician, a book, a character, botany and so on it goes. We all have that one thing (a number of things for some people), granted on a rare occasion, if we do have a chance encounter with, we’d be no different from someone even worse than Colin Creevey. It’s just another aspect of defining our character, one that’s often abused to promote one’s individual self.

So is it alright to be obsessive? I take is as a way of trying to understand what get’s our insides bubbling with excitement or interest. If an individual focused everything they did, all the time they had to what they were obsessed with, it could be an issue if it’s not productive. I usually take inspiration from the ton of stupid things I’m obsessed with, and use it in various ways. The T-rex stated how reading ‘The Killing Joke’ and following through with it through other books has shifted the way he looks at life. That comic is a must read.  Ofcourse he also was subjected to laser eye surgery, so his shift in view, nah, I don’t see this joke working. Definitely ending this post here. Taking the introspective goggles off. It’s time for some biscuits and tea.

P.S. – A lot more happened through the night, think it’ll take another post or two to cover it. Introspective goggles back on!


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