Something about Hamsters


{Fair WARNING: I just ate a whole lot of bread pudding.}


Isn’t ‘Pudding’ just an amusing word, like try saying it a few times before you eventually realize that you can’t stop, cause ‘Pudding’ is quite complex for an amusing word. Like are you pronouncing it right, ‘Pud-ding’, ‘POODing’, ‘PooDING’ or ‘PuDDin’. Think it’s the sweetest thing, though I’ve yet to come by someone to use the term in a reference to something other than pudding. Ofcouse there is Harley Quinn, and no one pulls off ‘Pudding’ better than her. Think I’ll name one of my future pets ‘Pudding’.

Pet names are such fun, cause they don’t have to grow up and face the social stigma of carrying an awfully bad name. Remember ‘Vikram’, Ross’s alias whilst trying to play the part of Phoebe’s make believe ex-boyfriend with whom she was in a serious relationship with so as to convince Mike that she can handle a relationship (Couldn’t have explained it better). Turns out I do have a friend named ‘Vikram’, it definitely is a real name. One of the kindest people I know but always hilarious when I think of Ross saying, “This is Vikram!

My uncle back in Goa isn’t the best at naming pets, I mean we had dogs named Rambo, Jambo, Dido, Queeny, Jimmy and Tiku. Those are just a few names, and yes all under one roof. Why am I writing about this? As opposed to most of posts (has a nice ring to it), I’m writing this one for a friend who owns two awfully cute hamsters named ‘Coco’ and ‘Maggi’. He said he named them after the brands, since people usually name them after brands. They don’t, or maybe they do, as pointed out earlier, they don’t really carry forth the same social stigmas we do, so they can actually be named anything. ‘Milo’, there’s a good name. Never met a Milo, but I’m sure there’s someone out there called ‘Milo’. ‘MILO!’


So the aforementioned friend (Looked like a panda at one point) was in India for a short while, with the hamsters back home in Doha, Qatar and to his surprise upon returning home, he found new babies. Not Three men and a baby kind way, hamster babies! Small pink blind phallus shaped rodents.


He is giving them away though, cause they’ll breed again in less than two months or so. Similar to Phoebe’s house rat, Bob’s offspring. Think you’ve wasted enough time reading through this post so in conclusion, name your pets whatever you want. Children, a different matter. I have an ‘R’ in each name and can’t pronounce it for all I try. Heck, my name begins with an ‘R’. Apparently, even Ellen Degeneres and a number of others share this gift, so how cool is that?

As for the bread pudding, there’s this restaurant in my area that serves some pretty good biryani’s, caramel custards and bread puddings. The bread pudding is something I’d have growing up, and no other place makes it like they do, so given the chance, I ordered quite a few.


P.S.- This may just be the worst post you’ve read all day but those hamsters are cute. PUDDING! Here’s another picture of Maggi.



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