A Squibs kitchen


{Two weeks too late: I’ve been busy getting documents together for my visa, apart from sleeping}

First day into the baking spree and I did most of what was planned on the bake-it list. I began the day with a walk around my area gathering a few ingredients that the first make shift patron, the ‘Squib’ couldn’t gather herself, ingredients that were commonly within reach of my house. Although I was a bit baffled when she emphasized on getting the curd, which amongst every ingredient on the list, it wasn’t necessarily essential. Cue Bombay’s humidity, an absorbent tshirt and a weather notification on the phone signalling the use of sunscreen or an umbrella due to high UV rays, a bit bothersome even though I ignore it.

  A short journey, 6 stations away and thanks to google maps, I found myself in the right lane. What came next sent me off balance as the Squib kept yelling out my name, it was either fatigue, or spinning around in the same place trying to identify where she was exactly that made me unsteady. Hitting my head against the low ceiling entrance of the orange (it had to be) building didn’t really help. Two storeys up, which is all there was and I was welcomed by the squib into her cozy apartment. Skip through a number of glasses of Orange Tang, and catching my breath, I unloaded my arsenal of baking equipment. The fresh yeast I bought had to be rushed into the freezer (basically starts to give an odour that’s just a fine line away from being repulsive.), and remember that curd I mentioned a para above? Well didn’t really need to buy that, cause apparently she was asking for the electrical cord I use to charge my lappie (laptop, don’t like the word much). A slight misunderstanding, curd/cord, it wasn’t really a big deal. Another minor setback was finding out that she didn’t have a converter for my electrical whisk, which had square pins. A bit of an inconvenience with the list of items set to bake, however I’m used to whisking by hand with a whisk that was definitely made by angels; dwarves or goblins at best. I have no clue which brand it belongs to, but darn it, it’s got to be the best whisk I’ve used, and I’m not saying that cause I’ve grown accustomed to using it. I’ve got a few whisks in storage, old ones that my mum would use along with other baking tools, the best of which are a mainstay in the kitchen. IMG_20150718_001241 Guess you’d think we’d have started by now, skip through another few glasses of Tang, tried a tropical mix flavour, quite tart. Finally the initial stages weren’t short on mishaps as I was attuning myself with the new kitchen, it was fairly different. Turned the wrong valve more than twice which resulted in water splashing around. The first baked item was an extremely poor batch of macarons, couldn’t call them macarons. Definitely not using liquid food colours the next time, food gels and powders are the way to go. Apart from that, I didn’t realize the weighing scale had slept off whilst I was busy talking about music to the Squib, uneven proportions for this delicate pastry, disaster! Moving on, the second item on the bake-it list, ‘Bacon and Maple cupcakes’. The stuff I was looking forward to, especially after the first let down. Comparatively, this required less skill and precision than that required for macarons, so it wasn’t much of an issue when the weighing scale slept off, or we were deep in a conversation regarding her relationship goals. Cupcakes and cookies, they have that comfort factor. IMG_20150709_180916   I was happy to use some true Canadian Maple syrup, courtesy the Squibs father, as opposed to using the mass produced flavoured corn syrup found in stores tagged ‘Pancake syrup’. Once spooned into the tray, the squib mentioned “Drop it like Marwad would!” A reference to a pastry chef back in college who would slam the cupcake tray in a way that astonished us. I really do think the squibs my kryptonite when it comes to baking, cause that one line lead to a few falling over to their side. Think the video for the song ‘Turn down for what!’ perfectly captures the moment. An impromptu double chocolate brownie, with more chocolate than what was required, and yes, there is a limit as to how much chocolate one can add to a brownie. I’ve eaten some good brownies and then those that just have a lot going on, and not in a good way cause a few bites into such overloaded brownies and fatigue sets in. The squib is infamous for her pasta, doesn’t really matter which type of pasta it is, or which sauce it’s in, cause all you would taste is cheese, and then some more. We ended the night with some fresh garlic bread stuffed with cheese. The most rewarding snack after a day of sweet treats. I packed a few cupcakes for my aunt and cousin, family I was meeting after a long time however they didn’t last too long in the house with my sisters around. Oh and the music that day, ranged from Florence + the Machine, The XX, Imagine Dragons and MGMT to the Spice Girls, Aqua and the Vengaboys. So all in all, I don’t know. That’s it for this post, the next one will be up soon. Snapchat--5552641698499072293

P.S. – Minion toys are out and I’m exhausted!


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