The Bake-it list


I spent the past two days planning the next two weeks. Don’t know how much I’ll get done, but till then everything looks splendid I must say. I’ve got a short break before I eventually kick start working again, so in that time I’ve decided to *drumroll* bake myself out of boredome. What? that was drumroll worthy. Hit a slight glitch with that though, I’m out of ingredients, say what? Yeah, I come back home from Hogwarts with a light wallet to find an empty pantry. Probably what Greek citizens felt like returning back home. Quite serious, isn’t it, though the T-rex (oddly funny friend) believes that it’s what the world is talking about, hence I should write about it. Tardy task, since I don’t really go deep into any political/economical drama in the real world. I had a tough time following ‘House of Cards’,  the technical talk always went over my head, as long as I understood the big picture, it was all fine. Thank Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey for their charisma, else I’d have bunked on the show on the first episode.

So the empty pantry was a slight blow to the enthusiasm I built over baking a few mouthfuls. Nonetheless I had to find a way, so I quickly messaged a few friends with a few requests that’d permit me to bake elsewhere. A short draft of what I seek :

  • A functional oven.
  • Space. 
  • An appetite for baked goods? 
  • A shopping cart/stocked pantry. 
  • Disposable time. 
  • A sanitized bathroom. 
  • Room for failure.

Sticking to seven, though I’m sure to make up a few as I go about it. I really look forward to a functional oven, ever since mine broke down, I’ve been stuck with a microwaveable oven, and it just isn’t the same. I miss the old oven, knew each nook about it from the hot spots to the right rack. They have to have a slight craving for something baked. We both get something out of it in the end, and I do like baking for others. It’s a common dilemma that haunts almost everyone I know who’s cooked a meal, they inexplicably lose their appetite for what they’ve prepared and would rather have someone else eat it. Think it’s just fatigue or something deep in our psycho, but I’ll leave it to that as I’m sure if I dig deeper, I’ll bump into Adele. (Not even a smirk?, well I’ll just sink into my seat then)

As for space, it’s with regards to my own personal space, let one provide it as I am prone spontaneous jerks, break dancing, tunnel vision and to farts, depending on what I’ve consumed in the past 12 hours. The T-rex might I add was the inspiration for this, and here I thought beer only made you burp. Well it is a burp through the back end. Staying on track, the second request is also in regards to convenient work space, as a few friends pointed out that their kitchens are in fact too small. Not an issue to work in small areas, as it does give the sense of being MacGyver, and small kitchens have a distinct cozy aura about them. I’ll do a bit of shopping as much as I can, but it’s best to work with what’s there in their kitchen. So I bring the baking equipment, they stock up on ingredients. Funny how many of them own an oven but no baking gear at all.

One of the requests is a sanitized bathroom, I do have a timed bowel system which saves me the trouble for most of the day, but as a former boy scout, “be prepared!” The pot has to be one of the best sanctuaries for human kind, and reading the labels of toiletries has never been more enthralling especially when it’s not yours. I ask for disposable time since I can’t have one locking up the house and going out unless it’s an emergency of sorts. It’s upto them as to how far they can trust me alone in the house, but I’d rather prefer a conversation of sorts. It’s more compelling to have a conversation of sorts whilst cooking, it’s a kind of spellbinding therapy.

The last request, a small room for failure needs to be stated outfront. It’s not that everything might go spiralling down, it’s a small gap between what’s planned and the final outcome, since it might not always work around the way we expected. It’s a small tiny gap, cause anything can go for a loop, from the lights going out to forgetting to switch the oven temperature, miscommunication, injuries, earthquakes, fires and the list goes on. So as much as the probability of any of the aforementioned drawbacks taking place is low, it’s wise to be prepared.

So two weeks with a few houses already booked, I finally found something to keep me busy. Other than that, I am not going write about World War II or as to why we pay taxes.  As for Greece, well maybe they can bake themselves out of bankruptcy, think I read an article about a woman who saved her family by baking cupcakes. Can’t believe everything on the net, but you can’t really underestimate the power of a cupcake!

So far “the Bake it list”, which is what I’m calling it (don’t frown), for the first house (the Squibs kitchen) I’m hiking to includes Bacon and Maple cupcakes, Macarons, Brownies, Garlic Bread, a Pistachio Souffle and a hand rolled leftover’s pizza. A string of treats drawn upon what’s there at her house. If it all works out, the successful recipes will be up in a space on the site {what nemo bakes}, coming soon.

P.S. – Next post is on hamsters.


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