Not Uranus!


No one seems to be looking up at the sky anymore. 

Jupiter and Venus are putting up a spectacular display. Even though it’s the monsoon, the sky still looks brilliant with its heavy clouds. Tonight post the rains, I was out buying milk for my morning breakfast, and up there in the sky, something strange stood out from the map of stars and planets I’m familiar with, violently beautiful. Two bright planets as it turns out, Jupiter and Venus, and apparently the show is still on for tomorrow for anyone who’s missed it. It’s never fails to amaze me the night sky that is, two years ago, the Geminid shower had me in the same wonder. 

It’s stunning to gaze upon, for a few seconds to what could easily turn out to be an hour over the phone. Spent most of the past two days talking to a long lost panda. Just an old friend who happens to be the only person I know who’s off facebook or any other social site there is, apart from a gmail account and who resembled Po (Kung Fu Panda) during our first year. As for the title, the planet just reminds me of Ron Weasley exclaiming what he saw in the room filled with floating planets in the Order of the Phoenix. To think J.K.Rowling sneaked in some toilet humour. Such fun!

P.S. – Be sure to look up at the sky. Ooh, felt the need to specify morning breakfast, since the past two nights I’ve been having breakfast for dinner. 


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