Love sticks, sweat drips


I’m missing out on Florence and the Machine performing live at Glastonbury. 

Think future generations will question their history as much as we question ours, it took quite a while, but Gay marriage is finally legal in the United States. I don’t live in the States, nor do some of my gay friends, nor am I gay, nor are most of my friends or family, but we’re all still happy, overwhelmed with joy at the freedom. Albeit laughing quite a bit at majority of the nations who can’t see the silliness in not passing the same law. What’s the worst that could happen? (usually something bad happens, but considering the situation, I doubt unicorns and rainbows would be that bad.)

Think the dysfunctional song fits quite well.

Someone stole my birthday chocolate, not funny. One of my closest friends gifted it, and whilst I was saving up to eat it when everyone left for Hogsmeade, what do I find? Nothing! Who steals chocolate anymore? Having being robbed of the delight of eating that chocolate, I was particularly cross. The only delightful thought was that I’d be joining everyone in a few days. I’d finally be leaving Hogwarts, it wasn’t 7 years, but it surely felt like it. I was always let down by how almost everyone didn’t seem to enjoy the place, sort of like how it was always astonishing that Harry didn’t like doing Wizarding homework. I’d vote for the books to be based off Hermione, sure it’s a common saying that no one likes a ‘know-it-all’ but then I’d differ based off the love shown for BBC entertainment’s ‘Sherlock’ and The Big Bang Theory’s ‘Sheldon’.

Buying my own milkshake and chocolate is no fun, I usually let one of my  friends, a particularly close one treat me. Though I ended up treating my self this time around, this week felt quite repetitive, for instance I ended up filling the same visa application for the aforementioned friend, again. Imagine waking up to texts for help. I confronted a stalker, though quickly handled the situation, by which I talked to them in a comforting manner and didn’t tell them to swim with the fishes.  Think everyone has been in those shoes, where they’re just infatuated with somebody. You have, don’t lie. Don’t make it seem like it’s just me. I’ll tell you to go swim with the fishes. Not a fan of bullies, kept my friends from bullying, it’s just neanderthal. We’ve evolved past that stage. (Here I thought fish was the plural of fish, apparently if it’s a variety of species it’s fishes. #Educated!)

There’s a certain charm to writing on tables. Non whatsoever for bad photos.

Recently had the pleasure of watching (weeping) ‘Inside out’. Oddly empathized with sadness, just felt like dragging her along everywhere. ‘Spy’ had me falling off my seat and my sister sneezing the milkshake she was having out of her nose. The movie was hilarious, and what fun it was to spot Miranda Hart! I found both of them much more entertaining than Jurassic World, no offence to anyone who enjoyed it. I get that it’s a different genre, and a sequel as opposed to the other two, but it was filled with cliches and cheesy lines (something I’m fond of) and just didn’t seem to pull it off. It was between a comedy and a  PG monster chase film, though my good friend still defends it. I just wanted the annoying elder brother to die. Exciting that Leslie and Andy from Parks and Rec are ruling the box office.


P.S. – I’ve finally left hogwarts. More on that later, maybe. LOVE WINS.



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