Three Little Pigs!


In the middle of a debate with the roomie on how Abu Dhabi is way better than Dubai. 

One of the roomies outshone by my brilliant teeth!

One of the roomies outshone by my brilliant teeth!

A tad bit exhausted, I would do anything to get away from working on the final project. Three little pigs suggested I write about the following. Fair warning that you may not comprehend everything, but just go with the flow. Be cool about it.

Hi. Think people have lost the purpose or significance of salutations and greetings. I like salutations but I like to be surprised once in a while with the unusual. At the previous place I interned at, I got everyone I passed by, well the people that knew me enough to bare their teeth and produce a sound that was very much like ‘Kee!”. I do change the noise I make, for instance right now, it’s “Mushy Mushy” which has become synonymous with calling out for one of my best friends(he’s PMSing). Apart from salutations I think the general ‘Thank you’ and ‘excuse me, for I farted’ are quite lost among people today.

The Freedom to fart, sort of an odd topic, everybody farts. One of my friends, happens to be my roommates ex-girlfriend told me a story that still gets me laughing all over the place. She once had a nice book to read, a comfy bean bag and for some odd reason decided to sit next to some stranger sleeping on one of the beds in the girls locker room. Two minutes in, an odd sound and she noticed a warm air which she described as a “wave” approach her and sure enough it was quite nasty. Firstly, it’s to be ignored that she decided to read a book whilst on shift and that her locker room had a bean bag!

Sherlock, two years is too much time for another 3 episodes. A year seemed to result in a good series 3, so two years should result in 3 episodes that should leave me as a lifeless sack. TWO YEARS! Thank freakin goodness I have a wide spectrum of stuff that entertains me. TWO YEARS! I was first suggested to write about dragon ball Z, but then it seems like whoever shouts out the loudest wins in that anime.( for imbeciles only, as a friend who just read this took the aforementioned statement the wrong way and yelled out “DRAGON BALL Z!” *Eye roll*)

I’m a big fan of anime, but just like I enjoy reading, it doesn’t mean that I’m fond of every book ever written out there, or the fact that I’ve read them all. I haven’t. Apart from that, Irani tea with a Parsi, revealed crushes and comforting the mushy mushy after a night of drinks for 2 freakin hours(not breaking any records of the past but still, 2 hours is a long time). Not too bad of a day.

P.S. – Could eat some more food. TWO YEARS! I need my sleep.


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