Dios mío! Look at that


I’ve taken up learning spanish. “Dios mío! mira ese tope.”

Things that happened this past week:
It’s started to rain, and it spells ‘trouble’ for all the people that snort stuff, including some hillbillies who’ve started lining up maggi noodles. An excess of phlegm for everyone! Fools I tell you. Leave it to the adults to freak out over a home/hostel staple to contain lead and MSG. Not like cigarettes and many other products out there are any better. (The two roomies and I just finished a huge bowl of Maggi Masala noodles a few minutes ago just by the way, it was good!)

Wrote on a lot of Tables, lost the pencil.

Wrote on a lot of Tables, lost the pencil.

One roommate returned from a night out with his girlfriend (wink*) whilst the other is currently in a cute skype chat with his other. Introduced the latter to ‘Anaconda’ by Nicki Minaj and well he’s hooked. Can’t help but sing the song whenever someone nearby exclaims “Oh my god!”, which doesn’t happen as often thankfully.

I on the other hand had a nasty encounter with a dementor and was comforted with chocolate cookies and hugs. Such fun! What’s sort of concerning is the number of guys entering the room and using the hand wash on the table…I’m not even going to..nope.

The girl who drank too much coffee gifted me an awesome t-shirt with The Flash’s trademark lightning bolt etched on it. The pampered guy gifted me a funky ball that I still carry about every where I go. More gifts are apparently on the way.

A lot of Mushy Mushy!

A lot of Mushy Mushy!

Apart from that, it was a bit funny to have the tables turned as both of my roomies decided to sleep with their laptops still open, tv shows running. Tucked them in after clicking a few snaps as definitive proof the next time they accuse me of being the only one who does it.



I was dragged to a dinner party that turned out to be a lot of fun, finishing everyone’s drink, throwing some real questions out there and coming back to do the Harlem shake, cause being outdated was something we felt was part of pretending to be an adult.

Not sure what the point of this post is, but you know…stuff!

P.S. – Milkshakes! They be so good! What’s not so good, my roommates boxers falling off whilst wrestling another drunk person. The hair…


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