Losing my sh!t


A day in the library, reading ‘the Prisoner of Azkaban‘.

So I lost my bag, my oh so precious ugly bag. I reacted to it like hearing that my best friend lost his virginity (which he did). I freaked out, my wallet, my notes, all the crap and nostalgic junk I’ve never bothered to throw away due to their sentimental meaning. 

Imagine losing all of that, it wasn’t much, hence the horror of the situation didn’t last long and turned into humor. Thought over a few potential suspects but then a few minutes into the situation and a friend located the bag safely tucked into a dark corner on a shelf, far away from the open space I had left it in. A bit comforting to pile on the books from the library and the old laptop into the bag, and feel the weight on my shoulder.

A similar scene took place a long time back, when a friend lost her phone, and for a long while we all thought it was one of us within the group playing a somewhat cruel prank. Don’t know whether we should take insult that it took us quite a while to figure out that the phone was not among us and actually missing. Never did find that phone, and no one really cared much, it was a ‘Blackberry’. Can’t seem to find anyone who still uses one. Still remember the day though, “Tuesday, 7:14”.

Think I’ll call that a post, slightly buzzed after a memorable evening of drinks and a whole lot of stories.

P.S.- Two friends just found out the bad way to not insult ‘Florence + the Machine‘ or ‘Harry Potter‘ in front of me.


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