The Way He Looks


I stumbled upon an epic heart warming film the day before, ‘The way he looks‘, and I’m still lingering over it as I mentioned in my previous post. I do like ‘coming of age’ films, I mean, who doesn’t? ‘The Perks of being a Wallflower’, ‘Easy A’ and ‘Mean Girls’. The latter two of which are quite hilarious. So it’s a Brazilian film, and unless you do speak Portuguese like my relatives in Goa, you’ll want subtitles.

The movie has a knack of staying grounded, and keeping it’s characters real and leaves you, well it left me with a deep sense of appreciation. In short the story follows Leo, a blind teen who, unlike daredevil and his heightened senses, is relatively normal. Living a normal life with his over protective parents and best friend, Gi and his new found friend Gabriel, whom unlike everyone else in Leo’s life, lacks the experience of interacting with the blind. Thus unknowingly includes Leo, into experiences i.e. going to the theater/riding a bike, that everyone else tends to omit from his life, considering the fact that his blindness handicaps him.

An added perk is the soundtrack, ‘There’s too much love‘ by Belle and Sebastian which I’ve already added to my playlist. Seeing as I will be travelling for 12 hours, I’m gathering all the entertainment I need for the ride.

P.S. – Pepped up on leaving the city, a lot of stars tend to show themselves the further away I travel much to my delight.


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