The Old Tomato!


I was too busy to write, and this was supposed to be posted a week ago, but I was really enjoying a good episode of the Flash! If I had a gold coin for every time I’ve exclaimed “The Flash, THE FLASH!” to one of my closest friends, I’d not be rich, but I’d be getting there. It’s been 23 episodes, so 23 weeks of constant nagging to discuss everything about the Flash! Only to be interrupted by well many breaks following winter and ‘Marvel’s Daredevil’, which I keep aside since it constantly calls for a binge. The only good I love more than Grant Gustin’s open letter to the fans of the show, are the group of friends  that I’ve been buggering about the show to. They haven’t watched the show, or don’t follow it or have no knowledge of what I’m talking about. Aren’t they the best?


Today’s the final episode, ‘the old tomato’ as Jack McFarland would say. (Watching Will & Grace at the moment) You either eat it or throw it, or in this case I watch it now and bear the crushing weight of emotions that I’ll have to wait till fall for another season, or wait just before season 2 to watch it but be ruined by the number of unavoidable spoilers. It’s obvious that I’m going to succumb to watching it now, taking a bite off that old tomato. Hope it’s just the good kind of ripe. Will take a small nap now and dwell over my life currently hanging on to a thread over a TV show. I can’t even bring up Daredevil without craving another binge, something only a few shows can build up in me. ‘Lost’ for all it’s faults, did well by it’s characters and especially Juliet. I need to get back to my books. In my to read list – ‘Pretending to be an Adult’ by Grace Helbig! The most awesome vlogger ever!

Short post, really have to catch up on my sleep. Happy Birthday if it happens to be your birthday, in which case you should probably be doing something a bit more entertaining, but it is your day, so you rule!

P.S. – Good night. My brother’s in town, and he snores. Good Morning…


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