Peach Schnapps vs The Flash


 I’m going to regret posting this when I come to my senses, it doesn’t help that ‘Don’t stop me now’ by Queen is playing in my head. 

Firstly, the heat’s getting to me like ‘ . O ‘ with ‘.’ being myself and ‘O’ being the sun. So the Reverse Flash took a page out of Voldemort’s book of dying out of style, that is in the movie of-course. Never truly appreciated the change in Voldemort’s death in the movie, in the final book, he’s killed by his own curse, by a chain of events he kick-started, and dropped dead an empty shell of a corpse. The corpse, which McGonagall had moved to one of the dungeons nonetheless,  showed Voldemort’s mortality, his vulnerability which the movie counterpart failed to deliver.


A friend pointed out that it was similar to eating food, that he’d rather have something to bite into than be pretentious and take a whiff of some aerosal food. Now, I do love biting things, but I can understand people admiring aromas. I once got let’s just say very ‘excited’ in class when we had a session of identifying aromas. ‘Peach Schnapps’, really hit me and I can’t eat chocolate mousse without being reminded of ranting about it being ‘amoussing’ (why..just why..) and laughing hysterically at a leaking faucet, asking why it’s still peeing. Unlike the Dark Lord however, the Reverse Flash will obviously make a comeback. So yay!

Have I shifted off topic, I’d say I’m handling the Flash finale quite well. 

So as a token to something I used to do with all my friends, which was ask them all the same question and just leave them wondering why.. here are a few answers to the very significant question in life, ‘what odour do you find the most appealing followed by, which odour the most repulsive?’ 

The Not sick anymore one: Old Books/Jasmine. (Old books are quite nice until you find a squashed insect between pages, Jasmine on the other hand can be overpowering. A Parsi friend of mine strongly dislikes Jasmine Macarons.)

Patrick the Star fish: Lemongrass/Foul Farts (I’m only going to point out that he mentioned ‘foul’, not clear on what his version of foul means, but I’ll give him that some farts, similar to a wild horn can be hilarious)

Nikki: Raw Meat/Human odour (We worked in the butchery together, so I get the first bit. The second bit, well there are much fouler (it’s a word, fouler) odours out there.)

The Parsi: Can’t think of anything. (She took a while to think about it, and then came up with that)

Chichi: Everything/cleansing products. (Loves the aroma of everything, but is specific about cleansing products…)

The Yeti: God knows. (I’m still on hold with God, really busy entity.)

Panda: Loves the smell of baking. (No hate. I agree with this one.)

The Squib:Petrol/Varnish (She works with chemicals since she can’t do complex potions, being a squib and all.)

The Roomie: Frying Prawns/Dead rats (Not fried prawns, the aroma of prawns being fried. Again, specific. Yet again, no real point to this)

The Buttcrack: Dad’s Perfume/Dead stuff (All I can think of is daddy issues?)

P.S. – Is it odd that all of these shows lined up perfectly, to end just before I head back to college? Eddie said there’s no coincidence, here’s hoping I don’t have to shoot myself. Heat waves.


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