A Matter of space: My hand or her boob?


The second tale:

It’s about a number of instances where this female coworker would constantly brush herself all up in my personal space. I’m an expressive person, at-least I think I am and my hands fling about. I remember a year ago when my entire class was called on stage for a final dance, I had to get my “groove” on! I had fun but I did injure a lot of friends in the process. So coming back, the first instance it was really an accident wherein my hand flicked what was definitely not a fruit, and obviously everyone in the room saw it cause they had no lives of their own.

I say fruit cause my mum had the funny habit of referring to one’s breast according to fruit. The reaction to a nude mystique in the first ‘X-men’ movie to come out, ‘Check out her papaya’s’ to which I was incredibly young to really grasp what she was saying. So aside from the high fives and the wolf whistles that followed, it was actually quite funny. However the second time around I was like you’ve got to watch yourself before it gets out of line and the third time, and yes there was a third time I was really confused as to how the same thing could happen thrice.

It was a bit bothersome cause I really didn’t like the idea of not having to move my arms about, especially since it was a birthday party and some one could get the wrong idea. Other than that it was a pretty dull party. I remember when even those that didn’t dance, would sway a bit in their seats, there was laughter, a few stories being shared and disastrous games. This party included a few laughs and a whole lot of texting and mobile games. I’ve only been forced to attend another similar party, wherein I settled to get drunk just to forget the entire night. It worked brilliantly. Now back to the topic, it was neither of our faults, and we were surrounded by people who knew that I was prone to accidents and awkward situations. So all in all it wasn’t that bad, not compared to the next tale but I think I’ll leave this post here.

P.S. – Spaced out over that hopping T-rex.


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