Monday Macarons


Before I sleep, I’d like to point out that I miss the Mondays where we’d taste wines and liqueurs and yeah also learn a little. I didn’t really mind how this Monday went by as well. Roaming about looking through my penguin binoculars for patisseries, peg-uin if you happen to be Benedict Cumberbatch. Auto-walas didn’t disappoint when asked for directions to the peculiar ‘Le-15’, though he seemed more relaxed than confused when I just mentioned ‘bakery’. My long time tech freak of a friend lost his macaron virginity tonight. His complete awe-struck face at some and absolute disgust at others made my day.

Apart from discussing the absence of my beloved phone, laughing at a pal who lost his way between our prior texts and ended up in another side of town and I obviously did my part of filling him in on every ritual and paraphernalia related to macarons. Catherine De Medici, don’t think I’ll ever stop referencing her whilst talking about anything French be it asparagus or underwear. Seriously, look it up. Might have been the lady gaga of her time in France, though most of her customs were Italian and just new to the French. After a day on foot, up and around hills and squeezing my way through crowded trains, I’m ready to finally sleep. the absence of pics are to be blamed on the tech freak who uses his wifi to track flights, who’s technologically handicapped now? Sweet dreams and Love above all else.


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