Bee Stings in the Salty Rain


Yeah.. so it’s been a while since my last post, and not really sure where this post is going really. Just making it all up as I type. If I miss a few “g’s” here and there, it’s because the darn keyboard has chips and cookies jammed in it. So the craze recently is ‘The Flash’, if you haven’t watched it, you’ve got to start. It gets better with each episode and it surely gets me all riled up. I crushed chips in my fist and threw them at the screen during the ‘Flash vs Arrow’ Crossover last week yelling ‘No! Barry No!’.This week’s “Man in the Yellow Suit” got me all welled up in tears with the emotional boulder hitting all the right spots. Grant Gustin and the crew are definitely getting it right, sort of like Arrow finally pulling off the boxing glove arrow. What makes Green Arrow better than Hawkeye? He can throw a flying punch standing yards away. How randomly sweet is that! Think Marvel Agents of Shield revealed a theory on how they’ll explain Scarlet witch and Quicksilver’s origin with this week’s mid season finale. Urgh, did I just turn this into a review? Potty. Though does anyone else giggle at Barry Allen proudly stating that he’s the fastest man alive? Always gets to me, and I’m like “you go Glen Coco!”

I did cut my finger two weeks ago, it was quite deep. Note to everyone out there, don’t put cotton on fresh wounds. I suggested Haldi(Turmeric) powder to clot up the wound but noooo everyone seems to turn into a doctor by profession. Sweet girl who happens to be my senior mate suggested putting sugar on it. Puzzled? Everyone standing around was. So I followed her to the bakery and she applied caster sugar, and oh my. It was a sight with the sugar fading from white to red and then it just beaded up and rolled onto my palm. Part of me wanted to tasted it. It looked tempting. They wrapped the wound with cotton finally against my will and well I had the nightmarish experience of pulling the cotton off the wound. I had to use scissors, and as life would have it, the scissors were blunt. Ripped off the cotton rather than cut it and for the sadistic readers, it stung like a B*. So it appeared that my right hand pulled off a ‘Carrie’ over my left cause it was covered in blood. Before I knew it, I was spiraling into darkness. With the cuts and gore, the butchery is growing on me. Why aren’t chicken breasts referred to as chicken boobs, how hilarious is that? Not as hilarious as yelling “looking for Adele” to random people walking into the deep freezer asking me what I’m doing in there.

Busy shifts with Christmas around the corner and I did start singing carols way too early, I’ve already got gifts dropping in randomly and I ain’t complaining. I miss sipping the spiked hot chocolate which stained my lips brown and eating cake in the extreme cold. Also miss the fact that no one ever synced whilst singing Feliz Navidad but we’d always find a rhythm and singing a duet to ‘Winter Wonderland’ with a close friend. It was always a trio, except that one time where there were four of us singing but they didn’t really matter (Joking).

I also found this dude dancing so wildly that I felt his Salty rain. A bit like ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ without the inappropriate moves and dead body in the trunk.

This is truly nonsensical rambling cause I think I have wrackspurts making my head go fuzzy. Throwing mental hugs and cheers to everyone reading this. Amazing people with an incredibly amazing amount of free time to read this. Merry Christmas and stay away from mistletoes. Heard they’re infested with Nargles. Some good culinary books out this year and I’m bad at ending posts, so be kind to one another and SQUIRREL!

The Flash will be back come January 20th! Better than thinking about the wait for Sherlock.

P.S. – *Bee. The wound stung like a Bee. Bee stings are lethal.

P.P.S. – How many references did I make?


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