Pineapples and Coconuts!


Hi there you, it’s another day, done with my work and I’m free to stay up all night as it is my off tomorrow! Great isn’t it? Well I require a good day of relaxation. The chefs had a meeting pop up out of the blue and well I was left to myself with a few cookies to wrap up. So as when I always do when I am in a room to myself, *oh not that!* I sing out loud and do the instruments to my music. Today it happened to be ‘the name game’ by Shirley Ellis. I did complete an ‘American Horror Story’ marathon a week ago and that song stuck with me. I rhymed as many names and some names weren’t meant to be rhymed, example my roomie and colleague’s nick name ‘Kappi’.

I wasn’t allowed this joyful solitude for very long as butlers and service staff walked in without so much as a knock with individual cake order. Alright, no one ever knocks whilst entering the bakery but with no warning I had to settle my ‘name game’ for a subtle hum.  It was quite calm as I smoothly shooed them away as there were no chefs around to deliver their orders.

An hour later and I had a crowd in the bakery all waiting for their orders and a lot of peer pressure from the managers and the meeting was keeping the chefs busy. I resolved to doing it myself, and yes I did have to pull on many strings of confidence as I pipped the various messages and finished off the cakes for delivery as I had every other set of eyes glaring down on my work. I didn’t mind it. Julia Child did say that “in cooking you have to have a what-the-hell attitude.” It was only then that the universe decided to pull my leg as all of the chefs returned as the butlers and service staff collected their cakes and I had my work under their critical eyes. The verdict, they praised me and I did feel good, a little weak in the knees but still good. (This is the point in the post where I dozed off apparently with my lappie on top of me. There goes the plan of staying up all night!)

The food and his chilli mustache!


Well I had a quirky colleague bring me a pina colada from the bar, couldn’t thank her enough and had the delight of running into Kappi, who kick started his night shifts in the bakery yesterday, albeit a little tipsy from a date. I did convince the chefs that his name is Kappi as an explanation to the bewildered expression on their faces as I kept yelling out “Kappi!”. It was only more than satisfactory to leave shift knowing that I’d be sleeping whilst he’d be working, Such fun!

As per my usual schedule for my off, I’m going to eat, sleep and watch something. The most recent episode of ‘Doctor Who’ was not as exciting as the previous one, and clearly filled with loop holes but it was satisfactory. As opposed to people stating the new series as ‘The Clara Show’, I think ‘Doctor Who’ has always been about the companion as very little has been revealed about the Doctor, given the name of the show ‘Doctor Who?’ It’s the companions story, their bold spirited characters and their adventures. The manner in which they keep the Doctor contained. A bit like Peter Pan and Wendy Darling.  I’ve got some grilled chicken to attend to, so this is the end (got me thinking of Skyfall)..of the post.


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