Waiting for Mr. Sandman


It’s quite dark outside and seems like Mr. Sandman might be late, he might be warding off Pitch Black for all I know (Rise of the Guardians requires a sequel). To get creative ideas when I’m about to sleep, it’s good to ponder on, but I do want my sleep ever so badly. I’ve been working in the professional kitchen of a luxury hotel for quite a while now and as busy as it gets, I haven’t left without learning something new, cracking a smile and making people laugh. It’s dawned on me that the work load can take the fun out of people, and even in the bakery where we work with chocolate, cream and sugary delights, everyone’s just a grumpy mess. I can only do so much as to diffuse the tension. It’s a great experience, but I’ve asked myself one to many times whether this is where I want to work?

Think majority of the chefs I’ve been meeting have lost their purpose and have had limitations set upon them rather than choosing their own limits. Dissuasive and lousy. Appalled by the number of chefs I’ve met recently with those qualities. The best course of action I’ve taken is to stay away from them. I release the built up creative tension by thinking flavours, most recently sour plums *eye opener* that we used for a jam. Couldn’t get enough of it. Browsing online catalogues for kitchen equipment, sinfully tempting. Shopping for stationery, who doesn’t love stationery? and lastly eating, and I eat what’s fit for a family of three. I have gotten the envious look from my short work pals who marvel at how much I eat cause I still haven’t gained any weight. But that dream is long lost on me now!

I am happy that each week I get a dosage of Doctor Who. The last episode “listen” being outstandingly brilliant and even had Peter Capaldi deliver my favourite quote of the week. Did enjoy that ‘fear’ was the theme of the episode, and since I do get home late at night, and get that spooky chill that someone is behind me, I think about the Doctor’s/Clara’s words on fear being a superpower which was delivered in a very paradoxical format. With that I’ll call it a night. I am looking forward to using over large mugs and jars as wine glasses this weekend as we feast on some good food.

“The deep and lovely dark. We’d never see the stars without it.”


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