The Stupid Post


[NOTE: A very sleep deprived post.]

I am having a lazy day, however laughter counts as a work out, so I’m not that lazy after all. I get to be irresponsible every now and then, right? The answer better be ‘yes’, else you’ll need to sit yourself down to hear that you are an uptight arrogant nuisance to everyone around you.  Ever waited for someone? Wanting them to be there, expecting things that seem reasonable?

People are unimaginably tough to understand, and this goes for everyone. Making up fibs on what they are as compared to what they really are, that’s a coping mechanism. Reality is too harsh at times and all the little lies we choose to believe in, make it better. There is an answer out there, everyone comes across it in a different manner. This week, I had glassy eyes as I watched people being stupid and wondered at my own stupidity. I had people to turn to, but not the people I wanted to turn to. That was a bit harsh, but it’s the truth. I settled for being there for myself, for in this world filled with stupid people, stupid actions, stupid choices and everything stupid, no one understands my stupid reaction to others’ stupidity better than myself. However, once in a while some fools just surprise me, I hate them and the hope they instil in me. Maybe the world isn’t filled with stupid people after all, just the anti-social dinosaur.

P.S. – Flappy Bird is stupid.


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