It’s been a while.


Don’t write for the sake of writing, it defeats the purpose.

Happy new year! Yes, I didn’t abandon the blog, just been kept busy. People come first. People. Family and friends, everyone I’ve ever met, they are all people. Each person with a life of their own, their own recipe. It’s not the outcome that matters, it’s the recipe. I did my best to please as many people this year, to make them smile. I could only wonder as to how they get by each day, with every hurdle thrown at them. Their hurdles and mine are not the same, incompatible and unparalleled. Yet, a hurdle. All I can do is offer a helping hand, usually do so by ignoring all the formalities. There are good people out there, the bad folk are the outcome of their environment and bad decisions. Tolerate the bad folk. It’s just very odd the way a hindrance dissolves as soon as I make someone smile. Now I just have to figure out a way as to not get attached to them. As per the bad folk, I think a KitchenAid mixer could replace them in a better fashion.

Till the next post. Not that far along, I did bake macarons, received Christmas gifts [golden snitch, the mystery machine and more], sang “All I want for Christmas” on stage, mind you it was ghastly, still in an argument for over 10 weeks with the maiden[she’s new] and caught 9 shooting stars after I wished to just see one. Such fun!

P.S.- Things I have planned: bake a Tardis cake soon. Dr. Who fever. It has to be accomplished. Back to my assignments then.



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