The distress call


There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them. Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone.

I’ve got a wonderful web of friends who all mean a lot to me. Some close and some distant, and some peculiar ones that I get very defensive about. Within the labyrinth I live my life in, there are only a few who really get to see the intricate details of what my life really looks like. A few know about my heart, some know about my mistakes, and those few who by chance get a glimpse of the grid I live in. There are things I keep to myself, and details I keep from the people I speak with everyday, my friends. It’s not about keeping secrets, it’s just not for them to know. But then there are a few, that I hardly know, that I open up to, either by chance or it feels like I owe it to them. For some I feel the need to explain myself, for reasons that are concrete, so they can understand my decisions and behaviour.

When I say the word “back up”, most people presume that it’s about making a pact with that one goofy friend, that if the both of them are still single by the time their 40, they’ll exchange vows and on and on. That’s sweet. Now get that thought out of your head, stop imagining who you’d want as a back up. Not happening. There are so many means to use a back up other than for matrimonial purposes. I’m a teenager, not thinking about that much. The way I see it is that if I’m ever tired of the usual group I hang out with, there’s always someone else I can meet. Can never run out of that. But when there are disputes, arguments and quarrels within my group, there are only a few I can turn to, few I can depend on. The distress call I rely on.

What plays on my desk..

What plays on my desk..

So why keep a backup. I say, that you can’t always depend on one person, and that one person wouldn’t want you depending sorely on them either. Maybe they do, alright, but it’s good not to ponder them always and it’s nice to have a break in between. Not everyone I hang out with knows about the others I tend to spend time with at the same time. It’s usually due to them being different, from their views to what they know about each other.

Everyone knows a bit about me, which is insignificant, but then there are those few strange wanderers who know some parts about me better than anyone else out there. Sometimes, it just so happens that I feel the need to vent out the fumes building up. My group of friends would have no idea about it. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for them to. It’s not up to me to decide how big of a problem something is for someone, I’m not living their lives. But then there are a few decisions that people make that seem to have no thought applied. That’s plain irrational.

These random yet seemingly quite important people I come by are, different. They listen, watch and understand. For a person who sorts out various issues, an open ear is a relief. I like helping people sort out their problems or at least relieve them of having to keep their burdens inside. Sometimes bad things just build up inside that results in to chaos. It’s good to let loose from time to time. More so frequently I like identifying those few who do the same. Who are quiet, not that open, but can handle themselves. They intrigue me, the more of a puzzle they are.

These people, they are the one’s I tend to turn to when I need a solution. A different take to what I’m used to hearing from the mass. It’s a web of people that are poles apart from the others, and whose actions, statements and verdicts all mean a bit more to me. The unusual lot who can take care of themselves, something I have to keep reminding myself about that. A paradox where a few call me a child [for when I’m hyper] and others call me their mom. I can get bossy, and all parental, but it’s just keeping good common sense. [Who puts clothes to dry after they’ve spent a day in the bucket, and not expect them to have a bad stench. Not the brightest.]

For a friend, I’d try to reason out as to why they got into a fight. For these individuals, I’d have enough reason to get in on it myself. I’m one whose against people blindly hating others just because of a minor incident where they must’ve said or done something rude to a friend. I’d call my friend dumb to let such pesky things get the better of them. For the backup, I’d know they wouldn’t think about it. As for my best friend, we connect on a whole other level, and usually have to lecture each other for getting our selves into dumb situations.

So don’t always go about with that singular group. Get to know other people as well. You always have your friends to depend on, but  there are something’s that take place with these random people you’ve never met before that separates them from the usual group you hang out with. Friends are always going to be critical about everything you do, their way of looking out for you. So you would always need that open ear, that other voice that seems reasonable. Who can make you forget about the tantrums of the real world.

P.S. – Had some dried fish. It tastes like it smells which wasn’t a surprise. Not on my list of favourite food.


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