A T-rex dilemma


“But your blogs funny. when are you posting next?”- the T-rex 
Of all the people out there. So little, meant a lot. 

{The orginal cover is by Daft Punk, but I like this version. Brace yourself, you will love this song.}

{A message from  here to there and everywhere:The following is a tale, it’s a fable in a planetary mixer. It’s nonsensical and wow, that didn’t need auto-correct while “autocorrect” did. hmm, so an open mind would do the world so much good, I wrote this for the T-rex. Who cheered me up while he didn’t even know about it. The following is the result of endorphins flying about in my body.}

So there lived this T-rex.  Feared by so many. why?

You need a knock on the head if you need to know why. He’s a T-rex.  He does what’s necessary, like we all do. Well like most of us do. What set this dinosaur apart from all the pre-historic reptiles is that he survived. An out of time T-rex in today’s world. What would lead to such a blunder?

Well he was meant to be here. He was too different for that time and age. For one he was an outcast for his incredibly long arms. A reason he survived the rest of his species demise. You see, he jumped across the huge crack, and while his long hands helped him grab hold of the other end, he had to well not so sadly watch the other T-rex’s fall to their demise. He couldn’t help but grin at the funny image of them trying to grab hold of something with their tiny arms. Well getting to the other edge wasn’t going to help him. But little did he know that his actions were being watched over. By who?

Well I’d be crossing the lines by calling these funny looking creatures, who, as that rightfully is the trademark of Dr. Seuss. So no no, the funny looking creatures as the darkest night called them, were just doing part of their jobs. Which I’m still not quite clear about. So it was just this one particular funny looking creature, the alien, don’t ask why, that’s another story. He didn’t pity this particular T-rex, but admired his difference. The fact that he grinned at the short arms of the rest of his species just wave out in desperation clicked a spark. So what do you do with an oddity who’s the last of a species. The T-rex was clearly in a state of evolution too early for that time, so the answer was quite obvious.

Now in a world where a T-rex with long arms exists, as well as these mysterious funny looking creatures, there’s bound to be time travel. Damn the laws of physics. So the alien, who’s quite witty yet lacks normal social skills, teleports the lone T-rex to the future. It seems the ease of getting about was too easy. So a little alterations here and there, the T-rex seems human and begins to like it. To friends and family and travelling about, the T-rex was doing pretty fine. But what would one like the alien do, who’s in, while at the same time out. Who belongs here, yet is far beyond where he’s supposed to be. The thought that finally having someone who could empathize would make things better. What he expected wasn’t reality, there are some things beyond your control. But some things just don’t mix well.


[Not my image, found it on google and it’s quite funny. http://i.imgur.com/hBIwB.jpg]

He tried his best to cheer the T-rex and bringing him to the future was quite a feat. The T-rex moves about, quite frustrated, though seems to tolerate quite a lot. To the alien, it’s not much. He only wishes to reduce the weight carried on by the T-rex. But it’s not his place to do so. All he can do is try not to add to the burden now. So the T-rex fits in, but has to suffer today’s demand for work in return for pay. So the alien ponders over what he’s done. He tries to make life as easy for the T-rex. Trying to be there for him as much as he can. But the thought remains, was it right?

Does a  bit of loneliness justify putting a T-rex out of place?

The T-rex watches over the alien, he never did notice this funny looking creature. Didn’t seem to think twice about what he does. Yet he felt the need to set things straight. He reminds the alien that he was already out of place. Yes the pre-historic age didn’t have jobs, but they didn’t have beer either. He’s lived his  life, and quite a happy one and some things that don’t mix just need a bit of a push, a bit more whisking and pounding before they emulsify. Remember mayonnaise?

So things don’t seem that easy. Sometimes they are, sometimes they appear as a puzzle. We go out of our way to do things for others, it’s just about finding the right path along the way. It’s all about trying to find that group of people that we feel comfortable around. Around who responsibility is understood, yet enjoying our time is our focus. So if the alien stopped trying so hard, maybe he’d be able to see how silly he’s been. You can’t have the friends you want, though they are sort of the family you pick. Sometimes one’s just confused as to who a friend really is. We can’t always control everything, especially our friends.

I tend to like someone who gives me a challenge, a purpose. Usually it’s people who hardly talk, and then people who I hardly talk to. Those who keep secrets, and those often misunderstood. Quite often am I ignored in particular situations, and usually have to tolerate the rants of drunk friends, but it’s those moments where they apologize in the morning and thank me, that make it seem all the better. As I said, I like helping particular people, it’s something about them that intrigues me. The good in them as rude as they are. It’s always nice to be there for someone, just remember that sometimes, all they need is themselves.

The T-rex I know would prefer beer. I'd prefer milkshakes.

The T-rex I know would prefer beer. I’d prefer milkshakes.

[Again, another one :http://th03.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2011/032/1/9/tea_rex__t_shirt_design_by_iceandsnow-d38kego.png%5D

Now this wasn’t supposed to be a tale with a happy ending, it’s a fable that popped in my mind. It’s a story written with no purpose, uncertain, just like we live our lives. It included a T-rex, an alien, time travel and shape-shifting. If you learn something from it, it’s that not everything does mix together, not everything’s meant for everyone. I like my chocos with apple juice, for it’s my choice, I’d advice others to go ahead and try it, but I know they’d downright be repulsed by the thought of it. Some things are just good for one’s soul, not every other soul out there may be satisfied by it. So don’t envy another’s fortune, you might just hate it once the novelty wears off.

With that I’d like to say that the T-rex, having moved through space and time, is living a great life. He does check in with the alien who’s emo moods swings in from time to time. I mean sometimes you have to help that fairy godparent out too. From Santa, to the Sandman, they all need help from time to time. After all it’s time we gave something back. The alien’s strong, though how long can you expect one to be strong?

We’re all as strong as our weakest link.

So, for the panda that prefers ending all tales with, I do my part.


P.S. – This is exactly what Nemo does.


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