Strange encounters


At the end of an exhausting weekend, it’s a comfort to write something other than what I’ve been studying. Though can hardly spare a few minutes, studies are at the top of the list with exams approaching on Tuesday. Good jelly to us all. No time to be a bon viveur!

Do something unusual with the uncommon f0lk and have fun.

You’re bound to enjoy yourself and the people around.

A birthday gift from the dear tea friend who made it herself and sent along Stephen Kings Duma key as well

A birthday gift from the tea pot who made it herself and sent along Stephen Kings Duma key as well

It’s been a very long time since I’ve got myself into the habit of hanging out with an odd group. Not that the people are odd, more like I’d be the unusual one there. This sort of usually starts off with one friend inviting me to a party or gathering. It’s exciting to meet new people. It’s quite common to get a bit tired of the usual group, but you can’t leave them all together. I like going out and experiencing something that no one else knows about. It may be a fear of someone getting to know me too well, more than one wants or just the need to be free of people that seem to keep you confined. Some of the things done might be judged by others, another reason to keep things low.

Two weeks ago just after eating a light breakfast, I set out with a group of people with whom I’d only been acquainted with a few. We trekked along a wet path as it rained throughout the night. The reason I slipped on some clay and broke the fall with my hands. Washed it on the surface of a puddle near by. It was quite humid and climbing up put some out of breath after a while. I’d always felt vertigo at high altitudes so it wasn’t a surprise that I kept my eyes focused on the route up hill. I was thankful for the guy who made sure no one was left behind. There can only be so many responsible people. I’d thought we had reached the top only to realize we were only halfway there and everyone needed a break. The view from the peak was thrilling, scary but amazing.

There's only so little time to experience the vastness of this universe

There’s only so little time to experience the vastness of this universe

Everyone finally sat down, some on the edge not to ease my vertigo, but everything was calm. Some began collecting these coloured stones atop the hill as memorabilia. I began walking about, taking in the view and trying my best to keep the thought about climbing down far away. It was inevitable. Just had to keep reminding my all so careful self that the fear was an illusion. As long as I placed my feet on firm ground, I’d be fine. Did take a few rounds to snap the vertigo out of my mind but in a few minutes I actually started to enjoy it. Finding new routes was even better. I couldn’t help but grin as I kept up the pace with the first few in the group and we had to wait for the rest to climb down. To think that only moments ago my knees were quivering and now I’m taking leaps from one rock to another.

I returned to meet friends who were away for months and revelled in the fact that hardly anything did change. No one knew I’d been out climbing the hill that very morning other than the random group I tagged along with, and to them it was just another trek up the hill.

The wet mud after a rainy night.

The wet mud after a rainy night.

The day before ago I met a person, a girl I’ve only seen here and there, and it’s quite amazing as to how I was taken aback by how kind she is. I’ve heard just about everyone say random yet shallow things about her, and it only recently hit me that no one’s actually taken a step to get to know her. So the group she hangs out with all compared me with ‘Dr. Sheldon Cooper’ from the well known tv series “the big bang theory” and it’s not the first time. Think it was the hair cut I recently had that put that thought in they’re minds. I’d always disliked it when people would compare me with the character, mainly because everyone on the series openly showed they’re annoyance with him. It was only when a friend revealed that as much as Sheldon annoy’s people, they all like him at the same time for which they tolerate him. It’s a bit difficult to get by, but I accepted it. My sisters and friends have such a dilemma about it, that they believe they should dress me up in a similar manner. So superhero tshirts out, I’ve got a tshirt that reads ‘Bazinga’ as well as ‘knock knock knock Penny!’ which gets everyone to burst out laughing more than usual after reading it.

How does this all fit into this tale? The girl in question, asked me  to wear the “Penny” tshirt the next day. I felt a bit dazed after she mentioned that she met me quite late and questioned the others as to how they missed out on meeting me before. Well I explained as to how most of my friends kept me out of the “shady” joints due to my apparent innocence and the fact that she always had this aura about her that sent a clear message that she’s not to me messed with.

The next day, reminders were sent about to wear the ‘Penny’ tshirt in question, I was busy with my final practicals. Everything went better than expected excepting under salting the rice. Which is ironic as the previous day I didn’t take into consideration that I was reducing a stock for my fricasse and added salt as  I normally would and ended up with a salty sauce which I tried recovering by adding in cream. A few mishaps by adding crushed black pepper instead of white pepper to marinate the chicken, ended up with a few black specks in the sauce to which the Chef, said was similar to burnt coffee. Quite blunt but I openly accepted it, I mean I expected worse when I tasted it myself. He did compliment my ratatouille, garlic soup and pilaf. Expected a range of questions, but was only asked one, to which the answer was Monte au beurre.

Seem to have drifted off topic, but back to after the practicals were done with, I headed back for a good shower and finally dawned the red tshirt. Felt like I had dawned superman’s cape and walked out of the room. It was the final performance of ‘Rev Par’, a college band whose jamming sessions that  my apparent “won’t ever admit we’re each others best friend” friend and I would enjoy sitting in for. So every gives me an acknowledging look and smiles at the tshirt but I don’t seem to find that one person that asked me to wear it. I enjoyed the show, and headed straight down for dinner only to be dragged out of the cafeteria by a friend who said he’d been invited to a party and was asked to bring a ‘good-friend’ [think he was buttering me up] along. Take an auto-rickshaw to this place that upon first sight reminded me of a maze with pink [of all the colours] hedges. We find our way inside and follow the sounds of laughter that in Aurangabad, only people from the college would make. Through the maze and finally in one square we locate a group of seniors. My friend, too afraid to step in, got a bit of help. I jerked him inside. Everyone kept silent and it was one girl who exclaimed at the fact that there were only two juniors about.

Gets more attraction than one would believe

Gets more attraction than one would believe

I immediately located the person I’d worn the tshirt for and walked in great strides to that spot. I didn’t need alcohol to get me tipsy.  She smiled and so did the others in the group. They all kept reading the shirt out loud and ask me to imitate it. I won a silly game and hurt my chin in the process. Guess it’s quite common, a comment she didn’t seem that pleased to hear. The night proceeded and things were starting to get out of hand. But the group assured me that it’s safe within the circle, though the guy I came with was trapped in a situation he got himself into. I couldn’t help but smile at all the new people around me amongst the familiar faces. Of the many things that are exciting, meeting new people has to be one of them. Guess that was the answer to her question as to why I was smiling the entire night [Well partly].The party faded away too soon with everyone wishing each other their farewells and them people still relating me to Sheldon by saying ‘Bye Dr. Cooper’. I’ve become too accustomed to it.  Words of wisdom were passed on. I had to keep assuring everyone that I had fun.

The moment I reached back, I had the usual friends pondering me with questions, to whom I’d to assure that I was not drunk. Tipsy for a whole other reason. I did feel the need to punch a guy, but my friends got ahead of me and we had to stop them in the end. Taking the high road isn’t always fun, some things need to be done, to be experienced. But I wasn’t kidding anyone, always have to ignore the rude comments. In the wider scope of things, it’s always better, words are words, it’d be shallow to let them hurt you.

Well it’s a sad that she’s leaving soon along with the entire group, though my spirits were lifted when she mentioned that I should come along for the last night to party. I wore the ‘Bazinga’ tshirt, and the group read it out loud yet again when we met, and even now I had to assure people that I’d returned safely and I did actually have fun. She seemed surprised that I knew her name and laughed it off.

If you believe I have a crush on someone, read the above.

If you believe I have a crush on someone, read the above.

At the end of the day, I’m left amused my own self. It’s funny how immaturely the heart acts at times. For me to feel something that’s clearly not realistic. I’d slap my self to wake up, but the pain in my chin’s doing the job. I’d like the small bump right under the chin to stay a bit longer, a reminder of the time I felt something different, something human. There’d been many times where I’ve accompanied a group where I’d be the odd one out, but it’s always been fun.

So if you’ve actually taken time to read the entire post, I’d be amused. But my advice still sticks, meet new people, do new things with a random crowd. It’s an experience. I’ve come to appreciate most people, the small things they do together or by themselves, quite enlightening. It builds some good memories, and at the end of the day, I’d have accomplished something new, small maybe, but does that really matter. It’s doing something for myself in a way that doesn’t make it seem selfish. It prevents me from being judgemental about others at the same time. So go, say hello to that person you’ve passed by so many times. It’d brighten up the day.

P.S.- W0rdpress has taken on a new look, like the change. This probably is the longest post so far.


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