Read the Signs

To a happy end.

To a happy end.

Silver linings playbook. I can simply state that I’m fascinated by the movie. The total absence of drama and sticking to the raw story is hard to come by. Playing along the lines of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ , another favourite, one could say it’s the absolute opposite of it. Two broken souls, surrounded by those lovely people trying their best to understand them.

The childish way of making fake letters and playing games, something we’re all familiar with – not admitting to that one feeling that makes us do silly things. It’s not about getting there, but how one got there. Eating a slice of pizza, coke on the side and rain pouring outside. The perfect setting to watch a movie.

The soundtracks will get to you from Silver Lining to Hello Operator played at the right moments. What got me to admire the movie most was it’s use of the typewriter font for the credits. It may sound stupid, but there’s something about a typewriter that gets to me. The feel of the paper, or the clicks of the keys, the ring at the end and the  flow of thoughts that never cease. Typewriters, a pacifier to muddled thoughts. The entire cast was brilliant with the mom getting to you at the very start. Time for the next movie.

P.S. – Getting stoned and tripping gets a whole new meaning like so many things. That understanding between best friends, missed that. Knut!



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