No words, no words

I miss these perfect headphones.

I miss these perfect headphones.

Alrighty, it’s been a while, but life’s not as calm and cozy as it used to be. Performing a victory dance for the completion of each daunting task. Not like the curtains are closed, there’s yet another act to follow. But until then, it’s time for a popcorn break, which sadly isn’t much as I’ve exhausted my wallet over the pastries I’ve had over the past three weeks.

These beats, they get me moving.

Music. Plain music, with no lyrics. It’s the clearest example of how things without words can mean so much. But how do we all see the clear purpose for these tunes?

This particular tune reminds me of celebration. That awesome feeling of finally completing that daunting task. Celebration, through which I remember the dark times I’d been through, where all hope was lost. Celebration, in which that motivation that kept me moving is shown gratitude. It’s a tune that gets me to do the victory dance but ends up looking like I’m calling out to the rain gods. So it’s best to keep jumping while pumping my first in the air!

All this music, with no lyrics, give off that vibrant expression. Similar to how “Mind if I cut in” by Hans Zimmer plays it sneaky, the act of getting away with something. That dark sensation of deceiving someone. It’s an enjoyable sensation of thrill, trying to calm the adrenaline rush, putting on that masked expression, all to pull off a lie. A lie that sets things in motion, like a set of dominoes falling on one another all in favour of me. Oh, Hans Zimmer, a man who knows his music composed this melody for Selina Kyle, the cat burglar better known as Catwoman in the Dark Knight Rises. I did enjoy watching the film, but I just had to prove how watchmen was filmed way better than the dark knight rises to a group of three friends. For one, the brawls in watchmen take down the brawls in the dark knight rises anyday. As per the story line, watchmen explained much of the origin of each character, while the dark knight rises not only carried on with the stories of past characters but also introduced some new ones, and hardly side tracked to show how they fit in with the story.

Enough about movies. Though ‘The Cloud atlas sextet’ from ‘Cloud Atlas’ and ‘Jacks song’ from ‘Lost’ is worth a mention. Both equally tragic rhythms that evoke that feeling of hope. There’s different music out there, not everything to be adored by the same person. There’s different way’s to go about playing that music as well. Grant Achatz talked about using music as an ingredient, similar to seasoning your food. Why not?

The above movie deserves more appreciation.

For a long time, I’ve always felt that music connects various aspects of my life. My playlist changes every now and then, and whenever I step back and play an old track, those memories from that moment that song used to play, flood my mind with aromas to vivid images to the very emotions running through me at that moment. Call it superstitious, but that’s the very reason I stay away from a few songs, though they occupy my playlist.  Everything with music is strange. I liked the fact that Emma Coolidge on the series Heroes could perceive sound as light and use it as a physical force or to put people in a trance similar to a siren. Such an odd ability. That’d be the teen comic obsession talking.

Hot Hoggy Chocolate on a cold rainy day. Comfort.

Hot Hoggy Chocolate on a cold rainy day. Comfort.

P.S. – It’s raining outside, and I wouldn’t want to miss it. Got my book to read, music to play and a cup of hot hoggy chocolate, on which I shall write later. Looks like the rain gods heard my call.


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