Scarlet Rings

It's Red Velvet. Need I say more?

It’s Red Velvet. Need I say more?

Is it alright to go into depression for missing my doughnuts? 

A long journey to Bangalore, and though I didn’t get to meet one of my close friends [gave him a big boo! for that..], I did enjoy the three day’s spent there.  Eventful as they were, the first evening, was when I met with the now sorely missed red velvet doughnut. It was a night spent walking about the city, in hunger, waiting to eat something, while my pals searched for a decent pub.

The second day, the day of the event, the reason I took the long trip to Bangalore for, was quite something. Pouring champagne for all, and it was some good champagne, and watching my friend invent random cocktails for a few guests who insisted on something new, he cordially named it ‘boobies’ [after me] and ‘BD’ [another friend, the bulldog]. Don’t ask for the recipe, even though that dude complimented us, guess he was buzzed.

That very night was accompanied by some pizza, and ofcourse, them doughnuts.  Hardly had time to eat anything, before I had to help put my roommate to sleep, after he puked. Joining the party upstairs and being the only sober one. Things started to get out of hand, with bottles flying across the room and some out of the window, drinks being spilled here and there, the T-rex rambling some rude things. Nonetheless I decided to leave the gathering once things were starting to get a bit out of hand.  From then on things did go downhill, for one a series of events began once I heard the T-rex yelling in the hall, and from then on, the night included a few brawls, torn clothes and a walk at around 4:30 am on the streets of Bangalore with my friend, the ‘jellybean’ discussing of all thing, “ethics”, some stress eating, and finally some sleep around 6:30 am.

My breakfast Ruby.

My breakfast Ruby.

To leave that very afternoon was exhausting, woke up around 10:30 am and began packing everything up. A warm comfort was the T-rex apologizing for the foul statements used the previous night and for the trouble caused. But that just boosted my ego a bit proving I was more tolerant than one would think, especially for him. But I did share my beloved “red velvet doughnut” (heart aches) with him to cheer him up and it did.

I like that I didn’t have any regrets about sharing that doughnut. I have grown. Ofcourse I did intend to save those doughnuts for a few  people back, namely the Caribbean, the dear coffee friend and the Shit happens girl. Knowing myself, that was a big lie. So offering that doughnut to lighten one’s spirit, that too the T-rex, was worth it.

(If you haven’t tasted it, you have no say, those doughnuts were heavenly) 

But now I’ve come to mourn the absence of the red velvet doughnut. The flavour and moist texture still fresh in my mouth is all I have to comfort my longing for them. Thankfully I have asked that close friend from Bangalore I’d mentioned earlier to get me some. Not to mention the Bang Bang girl’s from Bangalore as well. A way to increase my chances at feasting on those doughnuts again, especially since I’m using the “I’d consider it as a birthday present” excuse.All I can do now is wait and see.

Had to sneak two bites while the camera loaded

Had to sneak two bites while the camera loaded

I’d have to quote Catherine Tate by saying, “I’m above it!”. 


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