The brilliance of denial


“I’m a fan of the truth.”Sienna Brooks, Inferno by Dan Brown.

With the lies that surround me, to think logically and leave out the heart, hear that which is hard to take in, and clear the little fog. To hear the true truth past the nebbiolo. It’s not for everyone, yet those who live without it give  me a little hope. A little courage.

To be isolated, is sometimes comforting, to be with oneself. It’s safe. Not everyone is open to views, nor are they able to accept some facts the same way I’m incapable of seeing some things that are right there in front of me. It’s not always easy to be the understandable one, the responsible one, or even the tolerating one. How long can one maintain neutrality, at a time of crisis.

The logical way, one where emotions play no role, is sometimes needed. To work past denial, for the greater good. Though now it’s time to think about, what exactly is the greater good?

Do our actions set new realities, or are they meaningless in the long run. One action seemingly ignorable. Our life, insignificant. So far, we are alone in the universe, this planet, blue. Clueless with only each other. Yet our consciousness sets us apart, our ego kicks in, the sudden onset of pride, that we are important. It’s a paradox to think about nothing. We are infact nothing, this world that could die out at any moment. All of our accomplishments wiped out. We reach another onset of denial, we believe what is taught to us.

It’s funny how some trust the people who are no longer, though no longer trust those who walk besides them. To believe and have faith in something not experienced by us living. It all leads to searching for that purpose.

When the stars dim against the suns rays, when the moon “sets”, we don’t see it, doesn’t mean they don’t exist anymore. Those who go by emotions, give hope to the terrified, who go by logic alone. Sometime’s those who are afraid,  are terrified of what their emotions can do to them. Everything goes hand in hand.


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